Mental Health Excuse Note from Doctor

Note #1

This note is from Dr. Zenith, a medical officer at ABC Hospital, to his patient, David Hutcheon. Please be informed that David has been visiting me for a regular checkup. Currently, his mental health is not stable due to some problems. I am suggesting he complete his mental rest without any work pressure. He will resume work after I do his proper checkup as a follow-up. For any questions, you can contact me between office hours. Thank you for your valuable time.

Note #2

Please excuse my patient Henry Dell from work for five days due to poor mental health. He has been suffering from trauma that has badly overpowered his mental health. You cannot expect anything from him in this condition. He needs a relaxed environment to come out of this traumatic phase. Taking a short break from the office routine will help him grow. I am taking his regular sessions, and hopefully, he will recover soon. Kindly allow him five days’ leave. You can contact me through email to learn more about his health. Thank you for taking the time to read this note.

Note #3

This message is on behalf of my patient, Stanley Burgh, a sales officer at your institute. I have suggested two weeks of medical leave due to his bad health. He is suffering from mental health issues that have made his muscles weak. His regular check-up is continuing at ABC Hospital. Any kind of stress can be fatal to his health. To avoid this, his sessions are going on, and we are grappling to survive him. We believe he will recover soon with proper treatment and mental rest. For your reference, I am attaching his medical reports. Kindly contact me freely for any queries.

Note #4

I hope you find this note helpful. Desdemona Chatter is under my medical supervision because of mental health issues. I request that you please exempt her from office work for ten days. She is not in a position to bear any stress. It has affected her mental health as well as her physical health. She visited me on [mention date], and we immediately admitted her to the hospital. We are giving her a dose and hope that she will recover soon. Allow her to leave work from [mention date] to [mention date]. She will also not remain available for online assistance. You can contact me via email to inquire about her health.

Note #5

I hope you find this letter helpful. This note is regarding Franklin David, the manager coordinator at your company. He cannot perform his tasks efficiently because of his deteriorating mental health. He has started developing neurodevelopmental disorders, and his hands often remain numb. He can come out of this state only with proper relaxation and meditation. Please excuse him from attending the office from [mention date] to [mention date]. I have suggested some exercises that help him divert his attention and improve his mental health. Please contact us at [#] to get any details about the patient. I am thankful to you for your kind consideration.

Note #6

Please take this note as a medical excuse for my patient, George Henry. Due to mental disorders, he cannot perform efficiently. His test reports indicate that he has started developing neuropathy symptoms. To stop the spread of this disease, he needs immediate treatment, and for this, we have to admit him to the hospital. On [mention date], we called him for a follow-up. After a thorough examination, I will update you on his health status. Any query in this regard will be welcomed. I am thankful to you for your valuable time.

Note #7

This is a medical note from Dr. Jenny, a medical consultant at a renowned hospital. Please excuse my patient Monica from attending the office from [mention date] to [mention date]. Her mental health has deteriorated badly due to enormous work pressure. She needs some time to come out of this traumatic phase. I have prescribed her two weeks’ leave with complete rest and medication. This will help her come out of this phase, and she will perform her duties deliberately.

Mental health excuse note from doctor

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