Patient Feedback Letters


Re. Letter of Appreciation and Gratitude

To the Hospital Administration, I am [your name] from [your address]. I recently had to visit [XYZ] hospital for an urgent treatment. I was diagnosed with a medical condition that required prompt attention and surgical performance of the treatment. I was going through a lot of pain and there was much bleeding already. I faced a traumatic injury in an accident and hence, I needed urgent and prompt medical attention. The time I entered your hospital, my experience was great.

I was greeted very warmly by your reception staff, they consoled me and encouraged me. The paramedical staff of the hospital took me to the surgery room where an urgent surgery was performed by Dr. [Doctor’s Name]. His team was very professional, quick, and kind to me. Each member of his team demonstrated high skills in time management and medical dealing. I was overwhelmed by the fact that the staff managed to reduce my pain through injectables and kept me well-informed about the ongoing treatment.

They kept me informed about every process and did everything after my consent. They did not inject a single medicine without my prior consent and consultation. Throughout the process, expert and senior doctors were available. After the surgical treatment, I was shifted to the room where I was given painkillers and other medicines. The behavior of the staff was extremely professional and they were very well-groomed to treat a critical patient.

They not only cared for me during the emergency but also maintained fine communication after the surgery. Most of them were simple communication; the doctor was able to communicate very complex medical ideas and processes in a very simple and comprehensive manner. He described each point in a way that I could easily understand the ongoing process. It not only helped me heal physically but also reduced the stress and mental pressure I was suffering from.

The behavior of the nursing staff is also commendable. They were very professional, kind, and compassionate. They looked after not only my on-time medication but also remained concerned about my diet. Your nursing staff, no doubt, is very well-trained and has good professional skills. Their professional skills and medical prowess encouraged me to go for further treatment. It was their insistence that I did not hesitate for further treatment. I was not willing to go through physiotherapy after my surgery, it was your nursing staff who convinced me in a supportive way to go through the treatment.

To summarize, I am greatly impressed by the professionalism and kindness of your staff. The time management and prompt dealing of the patients did not go unnoticed. I would recommend your hospital services to everyone in my circle. I am thankful to your administration for maintaining such services in the hospital. Thank you for your constant cooperation.


[Your Name]
[City, State]

Patient feedback letter


Re. Letter of Appreciation & Thankfulness for Commendable Services

Dear Mr. [Registrar’s Name],

I hope you will be fine. I am [Your Name] from the [Name your address in a precise way]. I am writing this letter to appreciate and express my gratitude for the commendable services of the administration, medical and paramedical staff, housekeeping, and general management staff. I am truly inspired by the services I received in your hospital.

I could not stop myself from writing this letter to you as I deem it very important for you to receive an appreciation note. Most of all, your nursing staff has impressed me a lot. Their kind manners are not only commendable but should also be an inspiration for other hospitals and medical services. They were professional and highly skilled. Their understanding of the medical treatment and following protocols was inspiring.

Moreover, the services of housekeeping also played its part in healing and creating a neat, tidy, and positive environment. The general management section was very helpful and communicated every single step with my family and supported us in our difficult times.

I express my gratitude to you and your staff and serve this letter as a testament to your professional, compassionate, efficient, and cooperating staff and their services. It is doubtless to say that they are well-trained and highly skilled. Thank you for your outstanding services and professional support and care.


[Your Name]

Patient feedback letter

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