Health Record Tracker for Adults

Health is wealth is a true proverb said by the wisest person in the world I believe. Good health is truly an asset and it really allows you to enjoy life. Wise people believe one can live without wealth and monetary benefits but living without good health is no living at all. That is true on many grounds and no man who cherishes the blessing of health would dare to disagree with it.

This is the reason health has always occupied a very important place in all the governments of the world. Higher authorities always stress on availability of quality health facilities and they aid their people in reaching out to each and every person in the community to provide them better health.

Provision of health is one topic however and keeping a community healthy and hale is another discussion. One who somehow reaches health facility in his emergency must be able to sustain this health over a longer period of time so that he can enjoy his life out of the hospital too.


Importance of health care tracking

  • For this very purpose, tracking of health has been introduced and is now widely practiced. Health tracking ensures that people are able to sustain the status of their health and if any intervention is required, it is done well in time before it is too late.
  • Constant surveillance and tracking have really improved the health care received at the end of the patients. According to researches, people have improved their health and life span by regular health tracking.

Health Record tracker

Health record trackers, after gaining immense popularity and actually improving the health of community have taken even better forms and shapes. Health record trackers either written or electronic has made it possible for the hospitals as well as the patients to keep a record of the health and utilize this information for further references.

  • The health record tracker begins with information of the patient. His name, medical record number and other necessary details including the contact details have to be mentioned because identity is the first and foremost thing.
  • Gender of the patient has to be mentioned because it changes a whole lot of tracking history.
  • By tracking means we definitely want to know and measure certain parameters repeatedly to compare it over a span of time.
  • So, we have to mention the date of the tracking or examination as well.
  • Start with tracking the vitals of the patient. Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiratory rate are always taken at every examination. Weight and height are never to be forgotten.
  • If the patient is female, we have to check and mention the results of her Pap smear, breast, pelvic, and relevant gynecological examination.
  • Now we come towards the tracking of common conditions but relevant of course. Findings of the rectal examination, bone density of patients especially females is very important.
  • A cardiovascular examination, ophthalmological, abdominal, respiratory and all other relevant examinations and investigations are done and repeated over a decided period of time.

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Health record tracker for adults

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