Warning Letter for Immediate Improvement Required for Professional Healthcare Duties


Re. Warning Letter for Immediate Improvement in Required Areas

Dear Mr. [Name], I hope you are doing great. Understandably, you are new to healthcare services and the field of medical sciences. However, it has been six months since you completed your initial training related to the work. You are doing great work, and everyone is happy with the work, dedication, and honesty you have been displaying in your professional demeanor. However, it has been observed that certain critical areas need immediate attention and ultimate improvement. Please read the letter completely and comply accordingly.

It has been observed that you are lacking in recording the patient information and documenting the details. As you must understand the legal reasons and record-keeping requirements, we need to record each move of the hospital and healthcare services in official documentation and feed all the information into the given database. Our database is linked with law enforcement, the Ministry of Healthcare, and the National Welfare Department.

In cases where a document is missing, all the agencies intervene and inquire about the matter. Moreover, a patient’s record must be documented for future treatments, follow-ups, and further diagnosis.

Another area that requires immediate correction is staying cooperative enough that your subordinates and other staff can communicate with you effectively. There has been a communication gap and non-adherence to the communication protocols when it comes to your area of work. In any field of work, communication and collaboration are the two most important tools to make a work feasible for others, effective and efficient in its management, and achieve quick desired results. A delay in communication causes a lot of inconvenience to the patients and ultimately to the departmental level.

I understand that such discrepancies might not be intentional, but the purpose of this letter is to bring your immediate attention to the matter and demand immediate improvement in the areas cited. Also, if you perceive that you need another session of training to improve the areas mentioned, you can contact the HR department and enroll yourself in the upcoming training session. I am afraid that if you do not comply with this and show no improvement in your work, the Quality Assurance Cell (QAC) will take disciplinary action.

I appreciate your diligence and hard work; however, improvement in these areas will enhance your professional outlook and enhance working efficiency in the department. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at [email address].

Thank you!

Best Wishes,

[Your Name]
[Department’s Name]
[Sign and Stamp]

Warning Letter for Immediate Improvement Required for Professional Healthcare Duties


Re. Warning Letter for Instant and Immediate Improvement in the Performance of Professional Duties in the Field

Dear Ms. [Name],

This letter serves as a warning letter. However, no disciplinary action has been taken yet, but in case of further non-compliance, the committee of the quality assurance and enhancement department (QAED) is in charge of taking disciplinary actions against you that can take the form of demotion, monetary penalties, or fines. In the event of no improvement, your employment can be temporarily ceased or permanently terminated according to the Health Services Code (2020) of the ministry.

It has been reported to the authorities that you have been demonstrating a lack of professionalism and diligence in effective time management. Such discrepancies always come with the cost of a patient’s ailment, further pain, exacerbation of the condition, and even the life of a patient. Therefore, our hospital is very strict regarding the time management of its employees.

Moreover, following safety protocols is a spine and cornerstone of our hospital’s working conditions. Therefore, any negligence in following the prescribed safety protocols (both documented and undocumented) can result in grave consequences. It is complained that you demonstrate sheer unprofessionalism when it comes to basic safety protocols. The hospital does not tolerate any of such negligence, as it not only breaches the code of safety protocols but also marshals the outlook of our hospital and ruins its image as a health care center.

You are required to bring immediate attention to the points and behave professionally. An immediate improvement in your demeanor and conduct is expected. In cases of non-compliance, authorities can take serious action against you. We understand that mistakes and errors are part of work, but we expect sheer professionalism, diligence, and dedication from our employees.

I hope you will comply with the rules of our hospital and will not give the authorities any chance to question your code as a professional healthcare provider. If you need any assistance regarding this, contact the Human Resources Department.

Thank you!

[Your Name]

[Signature and Stamp]

Warning Letter for Immediate Improvement Required for Professional Healthcare Duties

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