Leave Message to Boss due to Infectious Disease


I am writing this message to bring to your attention that I cannot mark my presence today in the office. I got up this morning with a sore throat and watery eyes. I attended a party last night where some of my friends were having viral cough infections. I have body aches and cannot attend the office in this condition. It is my humble request to you to grant me two days’ leave, so may I consult the doctor and rest. I will be grateful to you for understanding me.


This message aims to ask you for a leave request owing to a high fever. I was having headaches and body aches for the past few days and it did not recede. I visited the doctor and he suggested me one week’s isolation as I have got a viral infection. To avoid its spread I will remain isolated. I will keep you updated about my health condition and will rejoin the office after full recovery. Please let me know if any work requires immediate action I can do it remotely. I know that my absence will cause inconvenience. I assure you that cover up all the pending tasks deliberately once I get fine.


Please be informed that I have eye pain that is causing me trouble performing tasks. I visited the doctor and have been diagnosed with an eye infection. The doctor has asked me to avoid light and screens as the infection has affected my eyesight badly. If proper care is not taken, the situation can become inadequate. It will take me five days to recover, and now I have become very cautious. I am sorry for causing your disruption. I will be thankful to you for understanding my situation. Attached to the message is a doctor’s note, so may you have a look at it!


With due respect, this is to state that I want five days’ leave as a consequence of chickenpox. In the beginning, I took it as a normal blister, but gradually it started appearing all over the body with fluid. Upon diagnosis, it came to be known as chickenpox. As this is spreadable, I am avoiding contact with the people in my surroundings. It might take some days to recover from this, as I am on a prescribed medicine course. Kindly look through the doctor’s note attached to this message. I will be grateful to you for sanctioning my leave request.


I am writing this message to seek your permission for a few day’s leave owing to a malarial infection. I was vomiting and had had a high fever for the past few days. I consulted the doctor, and he prescribed some tests. The test reports have come, and I have malaria. There is a widespread spread of malaria these days, and every other person is affected by it. Kindly do me a favor and approve my leave request from [mention date] to [mention date].


I am writing this message to bring to your attention that I cannot mark my presence due to seasonal colds and a high fever. The doctor’s note as proof is attached to this message, affirming the required rest needed for this. I can remain available for urgent work that needs prompt attention, and you can also contact Mr. Stephan, who will assist you in accomplishing the ongoing project. You can let me know if my leave requires more information. I hope I might be able to recover soon. Thank you for your kind consideration.


This is to bring to your attention that I am suffering from diphtheria, and my lungs are badly affected due to this. I was having a bad cough. On [mention date], I consulted a doctor, and I came to know of this infectious disease. He has asked me to maintain a distance from people, as the cough germs are easily transmittable. It will take some days to recover completely, and I request that you grant me leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. I will keep checking emails that need to be done on an immediate basis. I will be back in the office after getting fully recovered, and I hope you will cooperate with me.

Leave Message to Boss due to Infectious Disease

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