Excuse Message for Sore Eyes


This letter intends to inform you that I am running with soreness that has badly affected my eyesight. I am having difficulty performing tasks deliberately. I had an appointment with a consultant regarding this, and I have been suggested proper rest for three days. The doctor forbade me to use a screen as it could worsen the situation. The doctor has high hopes that I will recover soon and be back to work after getting fully recovered.

I seek forgiveness for the disruption my absence will cause. If there is urgent work that requires prompt recognition, then please let me know. I will ask my colleague, Mr. Hamilton, to perform it on my behalf.

Excuse letter for sore eyes


I hope you find this letter in good health. This message intends to bring to your attention that I cannot make it to the workplace on account of my pink eye. I woke up this morning with swollen and watery eyes, and I am having difficulty executing my tasks.

I rushed to the nearby clinic to seek medical aid, and doctors suggested I complete my rest and avoid screen use. I apologize for the sudden disruption and assure you that I will compile the pending tasks after resuming work. Attached to the message is a doctor’s note as a reference.

I am strictly following the plan, and I believe I will recover soon. In case there is an urgency that requires swift recognition, I can manage to do it remotely. I hope you will take into account my request and grant me three days’ leave from [mention date] to [mention date].


I am George Steward, working as an email executive in your organization. I am writing this message to bring to your attention that I cannot come to the office for two days due to increasing smog. It has badly affected my eyes, and I cannot use the screen. I would be thankful to you if you accepted my leave request. I have attached a doctor’s note as proof, so you may have a look at it. Thanking in anticipation.


Please be informed that, due to fluctuating weather conditions, my eyes have been badly affected. I have developed eye soreness that has reduced my visibility, and my eyes remain watery all the time. This situation has made me very stressed. I went for a checkup, and the doctor suggested I remain isolated as this disease is contagious. I cannot attend the office and request that you please allow me five days of scheduled leave. I look forward to hearing positive feedback from you.


This letter aims to bring to your notice my leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. I have been benumbed with eye soreness and have quarantined myself to avoid its harm to others. It will not be possible for me to execute tasks deliberately by coming to the office daily. Kindly approve my leave request, and I will ensure to accomplish all the workload after resuming office. Thank you for your kind consideration.


This letter serves as my official leave request from the workplace from [mention date] to [mention date] on account of pink eye. The changing weather phenomenon has made my eyes watery. I am unable to perform tasks efficiently. I am also having severe body aches that have weakened me. Amidst this situation, I cannot make it to the office. I would be thankful to you if you took into account my request and allowed me to leave until I fully recovered. Attached to the message is my medical report as proof. I will wait for your positive response.


I am Ranjit Ramel, working as a team coordinator in your esteemed organization. This message intends to inform you about my leave from the office for five days. I am suffering from a pink eye infection and a high fever, which have weakened my immune system. This infection is very common nowadays and contagious.

To avoid it being widespread, the doctor has suggested that I quarantine myself. I feel obliged to inform you at the eleventh hour, and it would be easy for me if you assigned me some important tasks to work on from home. Thank you for your kind consideration.

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