Maternity Leave Extension Letter for Childcare


I hope you find this letter in a jovial mood. This letter aims to make you a formal request to extend my maternity leave due to my child’s poor health. I was supposed to rejoin the office on [mention date], but my child got pneumonia, and I cannot leave my child on the nurse’s behalf. I am not satisfied with the services that ABC Daycare Center provides, and my physician has suggested taking complete care of my baby. Therefore, I request that you allow me an extra two weeks’ leave. I will be thankful to you for understanding my situation.


I am Angelina Leos, working as the manager of the corporation in your company. On [mention date], I was on maternity leave, and I delivered the baby on [mention date]. Everything was going normal, but due to weather fluctuations, my baby got seriously ill and got a viral infection. Currently, he is in the hospital’s nursery, and doctors are saying that the baby can only take the mother’s feed. I cannot leave the baby alone, and it will take a maximum of three weeks for him to fully recover. This situation has made me very disturbed. I need your support in this matter. It would be so kind of you if you considered my request.


I am writing this letter to ask for an extension of maternity leave. I have to take care of my baby, as he has a viral infection. I have had him checked by the pediatrician, and he has suggested the utmost care. He is on mother-feed, so I cannot leave him alone, even for a while. It is my humble request to you to please look into my request and extend my maternity leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. Attached are the medical test reports as proof. I thank you in anticipation.


I hope you find this email helpful. This message is to inform you of my leave extension from [mention date] to [mention date]. I was bestowed with a baby boy on [mention date], and I was given two months of maternity leave. Although I am recovering, my baby’s health is not fine, and I am also having post-pregnancy anxiety symptoms. It would be a great favor for me if you extended my maternity leave. I will resume work after my baby has fully recovered.

Kindly consider my leave request. I express my extreme regret for the nuisance my absence will cause. I hope to hear something positive from you.


This email aims to ask for an addendum to maternity leave. I humbly request that you extend my leave to [mention date]. Hence, I would be able to take appropriate care of my baby. He has erythema toxicum that has spread all over the body. He needs the utmost care to cover up this allergic disease. It would be a great favor for me if you allowed me to leave for the aforementioned period. I assure you that I will accomplish all the remaining tasks after joining the office. Thank you for understanding.


I am Lama Marry and am writing this letter for my maternity leave extension. I gave birth to twin babies on [mention date], and one of my newborns has some health issues. He is admitted to the intensive care unit and will remain there for a week. I have to live with him, as he relies on his mother’s feed only. Under these circumstances, I can’t resume official duties. I request that you please approve my leave extension request.


I am Danny Leon, working as an immediate manager at I-Tech Solutions. I would like to let you know that I was bestowed with a baby girl on [mention date]. I cannot thank God enough for this blessing, and these new responsibilities are on me. My cesarean surgery was not smooth, as my baby has health implications, and the doctor has suggested two months of complete rest.

I was supposed to join the office on [mention date]. I request that you please take into account my leave extension request. I would be thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Maternity leave extension letter for Childcare

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