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Asthma Peak Flow Chart

Asthma Peak Flow Charts

Asthma is the most common disease of the respiratory tract. It is an inflammatory disease of the lungs. Mainly the airways are affected as a result of a series of inflammatory reactions. Scientifically, asthma is defined on the basis of a series of clinical symptoms and is diagnosed on the same basis. Asthma has many levels of severity. The most...

Outpatient encounter form

Outpatient Encounter Forms

Outpatient is one of the most important departments of any healthcare facility. We are all familiar with the fact that the outpatient department has the most patient load in any hospital, and it is the outpatient department from which the rest of the patient load is managed and filtered to other departments. Moreover, every basic procedure begins here, and a...

Medication Information & History Form

Medication Information & History Form

Forms are generally used whenever there is a need to collect information about people or things. These forms are designed for individuals, and they are like questionnaires with empty fields. The form gets filled out when the patient fills in those empty fields.  Forms in the field of healthcare have a crucial role to play. They are used in every...