Doctor of Medicine Verification Letter


Re. Request for Verification of Doctor of Medicine Degree for Professional Purposes

Dear Sir, I am [insert your full name here] from [mention your precise address]. I am writing to request verification of my Master of Doctor of Medicine that I earned from your esteemed institute. Due to some professional purposes and urgent recruitment for a vacancy, I need to get my verification as soon as possible. However, I have provided each relevant detail in this letter and attached a copy of consent from the dean’s office stamped and signed by the head of the department.

Sir, my credentials are as follows:

Full Name: [Mention your name]
Father’s Name: [Mention your father’s name]
Postal Address: [Mention your address with postal code]
Session of Degree: [Mention your session of studies here]
Department: [Name of the department]
Registration Number: [X]
Student ID: [X]
NIC: [X]

I understand that the disclosure of personal information has to be done with retention and care; thus, I hereby declare that the given information should be used for professional and academic purposes only, which is deemed to be degree verification only. Any other use of personal information shall be challenged under the Student PI Code of [mentioning the name of the college or university].

Sir, I need the degree verification as soon as possible. That is why I am writing this directly to your office. I request that you direct the concerned authorities to verify my degree within this week and let me know when I can collect the verified documents. I am ready to comply with all the official procedural acts to verify the degree.

I am looking forward to your kind response. I will be grateful to you for this favor. Please find attached a copy of departmental consent for the verification process, signed and stamped by the head of the department and Dean of Medicine College. Thank you.


[Your Name]
[Department and session]
[Email and contact number]

Doctor of Medicine Verification Letter


Re. Request for Urgent Degree Verification (Doctor of Medicine 20XX-20XX)

To whom it may concern:

It is requested that I need my degree verification in an urgent case. I have completed my doctoral degree in medicine from your college. I have mentioned all my credentials and information required for degree verification. Moreover, I have attached a copy of all the documents for verification. I request that you deal with my case on a priority basis, as I need it urgently.

I recently secured admission to a foreign university on a concessional scholarship. It has always been my dream to do my master’s at a foreign university. The university where I am getting admission requires my verified degree within a week. In case of delay, my admission can be canceled and awarded to the next candidate.

To avoid all this, I request that you urgently verify my degree. In case of any further procedural follow-up, I am available to execute the process promptly. However, I have deposited the fee for degree verification and attached the receipt. Moreover, I have attached a letter of verification from my department and the office of the registrar. If there is any further procedure to follow, please let me know promptly so I can comply accordingly and get my degree verification as soon as possible.

My final result was announced on [date], and the transcript was awarded. I have no pending dues related to college academic or non-academic activities. I have also attached a clarity slip from the accounts office to avoid any inconvenience.

A print of the online form submitted to the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) has also been attached. I have passed all courses and modules and have completed my initial training under the supervision of Mr. [Name]. The training completion letter and NOC have been attached.

Following are my credentials:

Full Name: [Your Name]
Father/Guardian’s Name: [F/G Name]
Address: [Provide your current address]
College ID: [xxx]
Registration and Session: [xxx-xxxx-xx] and [20XX-20XX]
Department: Doctor of Medicine
Date of Final Result Announcement: dd-mm-yyyy
Transcript Awarded: dd-mm-yyyy

At this moment, I confirm that the above-cited credentials are correct and have been double-checked. Moreover, the credentials are solely provided for degree verification.

Please respond to me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to your kind response. In case of any queries or information, you can call me directly at [phone number] or send a message at [email address]. Thank you!

Best Regards,

[Your Name]
[College ID]

Doctor of Medicine Verification Letter

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