Pregnancy Note to Employer


I am writing this message to inform you of my pregnancy and my leave’s intent. I am twenty weeks pregnant and intend to take maternity leave from [mention date]. According to the organization’s policy, I am authorized to take maternity leave until [mention date], except for unavoidable turns of events. Kindly have a look at the reports bearing pregnancy confirmation, and it will also make me justifiable for the maternity salary.

I assure you that I will be fully responsible for accomplishing the work chores before my leave starts. You can contact me for any queries before maternity leave. Your consideration will matter a lot to me during this time. I thank you in anticipation.


Please be informed that I am 28 weeks pregnant and intend to take maternity leave from [mention date]. I am passing through the roller coaster phase of pregnancy, having mood fluctuations, nausea, and vomiting. Bearing all this, I cannot continue working as my consultant has restricted me from traveling daily. Bearing all these circumstances, I humbly request that you allow me maternity leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. For urgency, you can contact me through email. The proof of my pregnancy is attached to the note. Your support will be highly appreciated in this regard.


I hope you have been doing well. This is to let you know that I am 20 weeks pregnant, and as per the organization’s guidelines, I can avail of maternity leave starting in the 28th week of pregnancy. However, there are some complications in carrying a smooth pregnancy, and the doctor has suggested complete bed rest. It is my humble request to you that you allow me to work remotely to avoid any inconvenience. I have affixed my pregnancy proof certificate with the message and the doctor’s note. Kindly let me know if you approve my leave request.


I hope you find this message in good health. I am Salina George, and I am writing this message to bring your attention to my pregnancy. I have had mood fluctuations and vomiting since last week, and upon checking with the consultant, I came to know that I am in the second trimester. However, the doctor has suggested I avoid traveling as my placenta is very low.

Under such circumstances, I cannot continue working until I deliver the baby. Kindly allow me maternity leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. I will keep you updated on my health condition from now on. Enclosed are the medical reports of my pregnancy, kindly have a look at them. I am hopeful that you will sanction my leave request.


This message has been written to bring your attention to my pregnancy. I visited a doctor in this regard, and he asked me to be on complete rest to avoid any inconvenience. I can continue working until [mention date], and I request that you allow me to work from home as daily travel is not possible for me now. I will execute tasks efficiently. My medical reports are attached as proof of the message. I am waiting for a positive response from your side.


This message serves as my maternity leave request and my pregnancy notification. I consulted a doctor on [mention date], and I learned of my pregnancy. I have conceived after a long time, so this is not a normal pregnancy. The doctor warned me of all the risks I could come across during this time. He has strictly prohibited me from daily travel and from carrying any load. I would like to ask you to grant me maternity leave starting from [mention date] to [mention date].

I have contacted John Smith and Kanika Roy to manage my workload during my absence. I will always be there for the organization when there is a cumbersome situation. If I plan to extend maternity leave due to an unavoidable situation, I will bring it to your attention.

Kindly let me know which documents I need to submit to apply for maternity leave. I am anticipating carrying out unwrinkled leave conversion and working long-term with you in the future. I look forward to your response.

Pregnancy note to employer

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