Request to Work from Home due to Pregnancy Complications

Working from home saves the employee from having to visit the workplace every day. It has now become common to work from home for people and they do it whenever they are in the need. However, employees should first ensure that their job responsibilities are of such a nature that they can work remotely. Then they should write this letter.

Some jobs such as nursing and security cannot be performed remotely. However, if your job is to handle accounts or you are a personal secretary of your boss, then you can easily perform your job from home by writing a letter and seeking permission from your boss. It is a formal letter in which you let your supervisor know that you have a serious health complication due to pregnancy and therefore, you cannot come to the office for performing your job.

Before you start this letter, you should go through the policy of the company and know if it allows its people to go home from work. If it is a policy, you can choose to make a formal request to your boss and ask him to allow you to work remotely.

You should never ignore the perspective of your manager when you write this request. This will help you draft a letter that is convincing for him. You can add such phrases to the letter that will help you fulfill the purpose of this letter. Follow the guidelines given below:

Ask for permission in a straightforward way:

As soon as you start the letter, be clear about your request and ask the reader to allow you to work remotely. Here, you should make sure that no ambiguity is present in the letter. The reader should understand your purpose in writing. You don’t need to tell since when you need to work remotely because you are about to tell him the reason for seeing the permission and this will make it clear to him.

Assure that you will work diligently:

Assume all those fears that can make your boss reject your request. If it is because of the inefficient work performance at work due to being at a remote location, assure him that you will work diligently because you are aware of your responsibilities.

Give the reason:

Now, it is time for you to move towards the primary part of the letter where you have to take the necessary measure to ensure that your request gets approved. So, mention the reason in such a way that your boss finds it logical. For instance, let your boss know that bed rest has been suggested by your doctor because of the complications during pregnancy. For supporting your argument, refer to the medical certificate that you have attached with the letter and ask him to read it.

Don’t forget to show gratitude:

Employers really like those workers who have the habit of showing gratitude when they write a request. So, always say thanks to him for helping you at every crucial time and then mention what you are expecting from him. This will help your boss understand what you want.


It is stated that I am going through some very serious pregnancy complications in my first trimester and I know that it is not the policy of the company to allow me to go on maternity leave so early in the first trimester. However, I am unable to come to the office daily, and therefore; it is my humble request to you to allow me to work from home.

I believe that I am in a better position to perform my all duties from home and I assure you that I will not disappoint you. My doctor has advised me to not travel on daily basis to be safe in this critical condition. I am attaching my medical certificate with this letter.

Feel free to contact me to know more about this matter. I am looking forward to your response.

Request to Work from Home due to Pregnancy Complications

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