Pregnancy Calendar Template

The pregnancy progresses week by week, and every week carries importance. Every week, a new thing happens inside the body of a pregnant female, and every week, her concerns have to be molded accordingly.

A pregnancy calendar is really helpful for first-time mothers, who need proper guidance about what to expect and what to do every week. In this pregnancy calendar, we will discuss the same events and tips for the mother from week one to week 10.

Week one

In week one of pregnancy, the mother does not know if she is pregnant or just ovulating. But this is the time she needs to start getting careful about her habits, and if she knows well about her menstrual cycle, she may be ovulating. To check the status of ovulation, she needs to buy an ovulation kit or start checking her basal body temperature every morning. Stop smoking, drinking, or, in other words, taking caffeine in larger amounts.

Week two

In week two, a woman must regularly start checking her basal body temperature and continue to avoid unhealthy eating and drinking habits. She must avoid any unnatural way of intercourse and continue to take vitamins. Stop sleeping in a heated environment.

Week three

You may have gotten pregnant by now and may show signs of early pregnancy, like tender breasts, vaginal spotting, and an aching body. At this time, you must take care of the fact that your body temperature must be kept below 102 degrees Fahrenheit and your heart rate must be kept within a normal range.

Week four

It is the fourth week when you need to buy pregnancy test strips with you because if you miss your periods, you need to take that test. You may suffer from bloating, nausea, and other signs of early pregnancy. If you intend to take the pregnancy test, take it in the early morning. But the test doesn’t need to come out positive, even if you are already pregnant.

Week five

Week five is when a pregnant woman’s pregnancy test comes out positive. The level of beta human chorionic gonadotrophin is now sufficient enough to be shown on the strip in the form of a double line. Go to the doctor now and ask your nutritionist about a proper diet plan, especially if you are suffering from severe nausea right from the beginning of pregnancy.

Weeks six and seven

You can exercise at a moderate level at this time and can go to the doctor for an early ultrasound for a fetal heartbeat.

Week eight

It is the time when you need to tell your boss about your pregnancy and start gathering information about the benefits of pregnancy, like maternity leave. You can take anti-emetic drugs if you are suffering from severe nausea and also start taking folic acid, omitting all other vitamins.

Weeks nine and ten

If, in any way, you were unable to see your doctor or midwife, you must go by now. She will tell you about your current pregnancy status and will suggest an ultrasound for fetal cardiac activity.

See the calendar below for further guidance.

Pregnancy Calendar Template

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