Words of Comfort for Miscarriage to a Friend


Dear Monica, I am penning down this message to pay my condolence to you for the grief you passed through. I am heartbroken after listening to this sad news and indeed it has been very painful to you. I knew how much you were excited for your baby and you had figured out various themes for baby’s room.

May you find enough courage to pass this crucial phase! Mere words cannot lessen your grief and I know how hard it is to accept this fact. Everything happens for a reason and I believe God has devised a better plan for you. You just need to stay positive and move ahead with firm determination.


My dear friend, I am extremely sorry for your loss. I am writing this sympathy note for your miscarriage. I do remember you in my sincere prayers all the time but you do not need to worry about this. You will soon be blessed with good news and will have your baby in your arms. Hard times come to bring us closer to God and He does not leave us alone in tough times. This phase will pass too and you need to remain calm and resilient.

It is very easy for us to say that you will cope-up with the situation but no one can truly understand your pain. Losing a baby is one of the hardest griefs of life. I will always remember you in my every prayer. May you be blessed with good news soon!


Dear Stella, I came to know about your miscarriage through Monica who visited my place yesterday. This news shattered my heart and my sympathies are with you in this grief. This loss is irreparable but you have to stand firmly otherwise it will put drastic impacts on your health. Do not lose hope in God’s mercy and get ready to receive the best. You need someone to listen to you at this time and I am here for you.

You can talk to me anytime to pour your heart out. You will always have my support during highs and lows. I pray that you soon come out of this dark period and regain good health. New good things are waiting for you so welcome them open-heartedly.


Words are not enough to describe the pain you are going through after your miscarriage. You are not alone at this hour; I am here with you to lessen your grief. The world loses its charm when we are in utmost pain. You have been saved from a more enormous calamity that could be fatal to your health later. These are all God’s plans and only He knows how to carry them out. No doubt this news was very tough for your family and I am presenting them my sympathies, sending lots of love and prayers your way!


Dear Janice, your miscarriage news was indeed a very sad incident and I am sorry for your precious loss. I have passed through the same and I can understand your grief and stress. My sympathies are with your husband and you as you were very excited for your newborn. You have all my consolation and I am ready for any kind of help you may need now. I pray that you be bestowed with compassion and resilience and that your grief heals soon.


This message serves as a sympathy note for the loss of your baby. I came to know about this now and my heart is filled with grief and sadness. This news carries an unbearable burden as you were conceiving first time after ten years of your marriage. The pen cannot put into words the amount of your suffering and pain.

My dear, this phase too shall pass and please do not lose hope. Soon you will come out of this trauma and you will conceive a healthy baby. You need to take proper care of your health and adopt all precautionary measures. Try to indulge in healthy activities to relax your mind and keep yourself busy.

I am with you at this time and you can discuss anything with me. You will always have my incessant support and I am just a call away. Please take care of yourself.

Words of Comfort for Miscarriage to a Friend

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