Excuse Letter for Loose Motion and Vomiting


I am proposing this letter for three days’ leave as I am suffering from water retention due to loose motion and vomiting. I had belly cramps since yesterday and took home medication but it did not provide relief. I am vomiting since morning and this has made me extremely feeble.

I visited the doctor for a checkup and he has strictly prohibited me to do any physical work. I have been prescribed three glucose drips after every six hours. In this situation, it is impossible for me to perform official tasks. Kindly take into account my leave request and allow me three days’ leave. I will be back in the office after getting fully recovered.


I am apologetic in advance to ask for a sudden leave of absence due to bad health. I woke up today’s morning with loose motion and vomiting. I ate unhygienic food in a local restaurant last night which has now become problematic for me. Due to water retention, I have become weak.

I am on a prescribed medicine course and will be on complete rest till recovery. I am taking extra care of my health and I hope I will regain my actual health soon. I hope you will excuse me for this and will sanction me two days’ leave.


Respected Sir, I am writing this message to ask your favor in taking leave permission for a few days. I apologize in advance for asking for leave at such an important time of the year when there are lots of projects to be done. The reason for asking for leave is my poor health due to food poisoning. I know this will put a bad impact on my attendance record but I cannot attend the office in this situation.

I feel the need to go to the toilet after every ten minutes. Hence, it will distract my attention from work and my colleagues will also get disturbed because of it. I would be thankful to you if you grant me two days’ leave so may I find some time to rest at home.


I hope you have been doing great. This letter intends to seek your permission to leave. For the past three days, I was having a stomachache. On taking medicine, it provided some relief but last night the pain got severe. I have vomited eight times this morning and now I am unable to even move a little. My body has become weak due to water retention.

Moreover, the loose motion has worsened my health. I visited the doctor today and I will remain admitted to the hospital for a day. I am feeling a little better after the initial medication. Kindly consider my health condition and allow me three days’ leave.


Please accept this letter as my leave excuse from the office for two days. I have had diarrhea since last night and it has made me exceedingly enervated and fatigued. I consulted a specialist in this regard and he has put me on a glucose drip. This is necessary to revitalize the energy that was lost due to dehydration. In this situation, I cannot make it to the office. I humbly apologize to inform you at this hour.

I abjectly make a formal request to grant me two days’ leave. I will be back in the office on [mention date]. I will make all efforts after coming back to manage the work loss during my absence.


I am letting you know with this letter that due to excessive vomiting and loose motion, I have become weak. It has drained my energy and made me unable to execute any task. I make all possible efforts to maintain a healthy routine but I overate last night. It resulted in stomachache and diarrhea. I had an appointment with the doctor today and he has suggested me complete rest for a day. Therefore, I request you to grant me two days’ leave.


This is to state that I am suffering from food poisoning and back-to-back vomiting. Dehydration, feeble body, and muscle cramps have badly affected my health. I cannot take classes in this condition. I need a few days’ leave in this regard from [mention date] to [mention date]. Kindly accept this message and sanction me three days’ leave. Thanking in anticipation.

Excuse letter for loose motion and vomiting

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