Student Health Assessment Form

A student health assessment form is designed to monitor the health of students regularly so that proper measures can be taken in case some health problems are found.

It is a basic principle that “to control something, you have to monitor its spread vigilantly, but before that, you must be aware of its spread modality and precursors.”

By knowing precursors, one can develop tools specific to predicting the trend of that particular aspect. In this article, we are discussing the same one but will talk only about the purpose of the tool highlighted above. Conclusion: The objective of this form is to foresee the upcoming problems regarding the health of the nation.

School-going children, specifically, as well as college or university students, generally play a deciding role regarding the future of a nation. So, to monitor and foresee the threats, the “Student Monthly Health Assessment” program is being implemented with different names and different modalities but with the same purpose in almost all the countries of the world.

For this, dedicated staff is being deputed with dedicated checklists, or, in other words, assessment forms, to collect and compile data. After compilation based on the data collected, management can devise future strategies.

Purpose of student health assessment form  

We are all aware of how some epidemics of infectious diseases damaged the holistic concept of health in the habitats of this planet Earth. In history, we have quite strong examples of Spanish Flu, Cholera, and COVID-19 ongoing these days. To fight the menace of such havoc, two major pillars played a vital role, as follows:

  • Surveillance.
  • Immunization (Vaccination).

In this article, we will discuss surveillance, particularly the health assessment form.


In the context of health, surveillance is the early detection of a specific health problem by compiling the data of notification, detection of clustering, and trends of that problem, as well as a risk assessment to aid policymaking.

The surveillance methodology is based on two basics:

  • Detection.
  • Notification or reporting.

As we are discussing the health of the students, to detect problems, we have to assess their health status regularly every month. After compiling and comparing the data with the previous records, one can easily assess the deterioration of the health of students. “School Health Assessment Form” is designed specifically for this purpose. The core purpose of this form is surveillance.


The Student Health Assessment form includes questions regarding the mental as well as physical health status of students. Mental health questions are designed to detect what the youth of a nation are thinking as well as to detect and rectify radical thoughts, if any. Physical health includes hygiene, nourishment, growth, and current health problems. Current health problems usually provide data regarding the buildup of any epidemic, whether sporadic or clustered.

The importance of student health assessment form

Diseases usually spread more rapidly in places like schools, colleges, and other educational institutes because of gatherings. The same applies to breaking the chain, as it is also easy to spread the message there.

For example, waterborne diseases like cholera, polio, dysentery, and flu can easily be prevented by good hygiene and frequent hand washing. So, if the highlighted form is regularly filled out and data compiled, we can serve our purpose of making this place healthier and safer for all of us.

Student Health Assessment Form
Student Health Assessment Form

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