Absence Excuse Message for Health Issue


I beg my pardon to ask for sudden leave because of falling ill. I need three days’ leave in this regard. The doctor’s letter of recommendation is attached with the message detailing taking proper rest for some time.

My absence will be a source of inconvenience to you and I humbly apologize for this. There were some projects under my supervision and I will hand over my tasks to Elizabeth who is my assistant. After resuming office, I will work extra hours to accomplish projects. If something needs my immediate attention during my absence, you can contact me via email. I will let you know about additional leave if my physician recommends so. I will be thankful to you for considering my situation.

Absence excuse message for health issue


Kindly take this message as an official leave request from the workplace from [mention date] to [mention date]. I had a mild heart attack yesterday and was taken to the hospital immediately. I will remain admitted to the hospital for a few days till my angiography is done. After the final report, doctors will let me know for how long my treatment will be continued. I have been kept under intense scrutiny for seven days. Along with the message/letter are my medical certificate and hospital card. I need your assistance in this regard.


This message has been written to ask for two weeks leave because of my back injury. I had been going to the gym for the past six months and due to recurrent workouts, I got an injury. It affected my spinal cord, shoulders, and neck muscles and I am on complete rest now. The physiotherapist visits me daily as my body muscles have become stiff. I know my absence can cause aggravation and I have talked to Mr. Steward in this regard. He is willing to carry on my due work till I resume duties again. My medical record is attached with the message and for additional information, you can let me know. Your consideration will be highly regarded.


I am Sewell Jones and working as a project manager at ABC Organization. This message serves as official documentation to ask for ten days’ leave due to my poor mental health. I have been suffering through work pressure and mental stress due to an incessant work routine and working extra hours to meet deadlines. All this has impacted my health badly and I need to take immediate rest for ten days. This is a much-needed break to regain my mental health and stamina that will assist me in boosting my morale and enthusiasm. I request you to please allow me to leave for the prescribed days. Thanking in anticipation.


Kindly take this message as an excuse note for not attending college for two weeks. My mental health is affected badly because of some personal problems. it has affected my work productivity and I am unable to execute my task adequately. I had talked to Mr. Smith, vice principal of ABC College and he has asked me to take some days’ rest so may I get myself checked by the doctor. I have been through this problem after the sudden death of my sister and I am still unable to digest the news.

I need a few days’ breaks to focus on my mental health and will try to come out of this depression. I request you to please understand my situation and grant me two weeks’ leave. I am in desperate need of getting a grip on this suffering; hence I will be able to focus on my work with dedication. Your support and compassion in this regard will be appraised.


Dear Sir, hope you have been enjoying good health. I am Martha Steward, accounts officer at ABC Organization. This message is a humble request to ask for five days due to my leg injury. I had a terrible accident last month that affected my both legs. I remained to admit in the hospital for a few days after getting better. 

Yesterday, I fell down the stairs and I got small injuries. I cannot walk properly so I can’t attend the office. I need to rest for five days and the doctor’s recommendation is enclosed with the message. You can contact me for further information in this regard. Thank you for considering my request.

Medical letters

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