Absence Excuse Message for Various Medical Reasons


I hope you have been doing great. I am Joey Geller and proposing this message to take your favor of a few days’ leave from the office. I am feeling lethargic due to a lot of stress and it has impacted my muscles. My working ability has been affected badly due to it and I am unable to concentrate on anything. I need some time to take a rest and want to take off from my hectic work routine. I would be highly obliged to you if you take into account my request. I am looking forward to hearing a positive response from you. I will remain available through email for any online assistance.


I am writing to you to take your permission for two days’ leave because of a high fever. I was having body pain and a high fever for the past few days. Initially, I did not take it seriously and continued doing work. Since last night, the intensity of the pain has increased and I am unable to do any work. My physician has suggested some days of rest to feel myself again. My test reports will come today to see whether it is some viral infection or a normal fever.

I would let you know about my current condition through email. I have been strictly advised to not perform any physical activity so I will not be available for online assistance. I am apologetic for letting you know at the eleventh hour. I hope you will understand my current situation.


Dear Madam, this message intends to bring to your notice that I intend to take three days off from university. I was feeling some unusual changes in my health and remained lethargic all the time. I got myself checked yesterday and I have been diagnosed with malarial infection. My body temperature fluctuates to a maximum degree resulting in body aches and shakiness. I need complete bed rest till I cope-up with this infection. I have been put on high medicine dose that makes me fall sleepy.

I know well that I have been missing some important meetings and projects but I cannot continue keeping work with my current health status. I am taking full care of my health and will resume office soon. I will remain available for any suggestions related to product design and marketing. I request you please approve my leave request and pray for my sound health.


This message is a leave request on account of my illness due to backache and herniated discs. I have been into this for the past couple of months. It happened because of sitting continuously for straight eight hours daily. This has led to many health problems. I am taking physiotherapy sessions from ABC Clinic and it will continue for three weeks. I cannot perform any official task, and I hope you will better understand my situation.

If I miss any of the sessions it can put drastic impacts on my health. I am attaching my medical certificate with this message as proof. I will be back to work as early as possible. I need your kind prayers for my swift recovery.


Kindly be informed I cannot make my presence today as I am suffering from eye soreness. This has happened because of the enormous use of screens. My work nature is to remain present on screen all the time which is causing serious eye infections. My consultant has strictly forbidden me to use the screen for a week. Hence, I will not be able to continue work due to ailment. Kindly exempt me from office duties for a week so may I find adequate time to get rest. your cooperation will be highly regarded.


I hope things are good on your side. Please consider this message as my leave request for two weeks. I am a diabetic patient and my right foot is badly injured due to glass breaking. I underwent a small surgery and will remain admitted to the hospital for three days.

If I do not take proper rest, the infection will swipe into my leg. My leave will start from [mention date] to [mention date]. There is no unaccomplished task left on my part and I have forwarded the project details to Mr. Henry. For an important matter, you can take my online assistance. I would be thankful to you for considering my leave application.


This message aims to take your permission for three days’ leave. My health is not good due to dengue and I am suffering from high fever and body ache. I am visiting a physician for its treatment and it will take some days to get fully recovered. I have become lethargic and the cold weather has increased the pain intensity. I cannot attend office on these days and therefore request you to sanction my request.

I know that my absence will create a space that would be difficult to manage. I am handing over my work tasks to Mr. Stalin and he will provide thorough assistance to you. After coming back to the office, I will make certain to concentrate on my work more effectively. I need your kind support in this matter.


With a heavy heart, I am letting you know that I have all the active symptoms of covid-19. For the past few days, I was having a high fever, headache, muscle cramps, and tasteless buds. Yesterday, my test report has come and I am covid positive.

I am isolating myself in my room till complete recovery. I have attached my report with this note. You know that this virus can easily be transmitted to other persons; therefore, I am taking all the precautions. I have avoided meeting people and maintaining social distancing. I hope you will understand the matter and will approve my leave request. I request you to please pray for my swift recovery. I would be highly obliged to you for granting me a favor.

Absence excuse message for various medical reasons

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