Triathlon Training Schedules

What is a triathlon?

Triathlon, as the name indicates, must be a competition that includes three sports at a time. It is derived from the ancient Greek language and is used for sports in which a combination of three sports is done. These sports are basically racing, and triathlon makes a simple race more exciting and entertaining.

How triathlon took its origin?

Triathlon finds its root as early as the 20th century and gaining immense popularity since then. It started first time in France when three sports were advertised for sportsmen who had a real sportsman spirit. Many sportsmen found it very interesting and challenging and took part in the three games competition. Some years later, triathlon gained more popularity, so it was introduced as a full competition in multisport events. Initially, it consisted of swimming, riding a bike around the harbor, and running.

In the modern era, it did get another level of excitement with a continuous run, bike, and swimming competition. Soon, it got a lot of appreciation and got immensely popular in other parts of the world including Europe. Now, there are a number of organizations for triathlon sports and training. There may be a number of conflicts and problems on the organizational level, but triathlon is considered a very exciting sport both for the sportsmen and spectators.

Benefits of triathlon training

In the early 70s, one of the earliest organizers of triathlon races Jack Johnstone claimed that his level of physical fitness took a great heap after trying one or two triathlons. Since then, it was unable for him to lessen his energy level and he never stopped. Although it requires a lot of determination and initial fitness for training, it really is worth it. It is amazing for weight loss, strength gaining, gaining more energy and stamina, and improving confidence and health.

Triathlon training schedule

  • Before moving over to the actual triathlon training schedule, it is highly advised that you go really slow and careful at the beginning. Gain your strength and stamina gradually until you feel you are fully ready for a race.
  • This is not at all to discourage but being cautious is always good. Other than that, triathlon is totally enjoyable and anyone who is willing can be trained.
  • We will use a simple schedule that is easily understandable and easily followed by beginners. You need to make a weekly schedule and start your training on Monday morning. Make three columns for running, swimming, and biking in front of the days of the week. ¬†For each part of the triathlon, you need to note down the distance covered and the time utilized for the distance. Obviously, you will keep your distance shorter and duration longer and gradually increase distance in a shorter time.
  • Moreover, we will also advise you to keep your targets lower for the first week. Increase them from the second week and then for the third. Similarly, make a schedule for at least six weeks, six days a week.
  • Be regular and consistent, you will definitely reach your goal.
12 Week Triathlon Training Schedule

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