High-risk Pregnancy Work Restriction Letter

Working women face serious problems when they conceive. Sometimes, they have to face bigger problems because of high-risk pregnancies. This usually happens due to plenty of reasons. Regardless of the reason, if a woman cannot leave her job due to difficulty in managing her finances and taking maternity leave is also allowed in the last trimester only, she can write a letter to her boss in order to request work-related restrictions imposed by her doctor. 

It is a type of request letter in which a woman asks her boss to give her limited work because her pregnancy is at high-risk.

For writing a professional letter, make sure that you follow the points given below:

  1. Start the letter by telling your boss that you are pregnant and also mention the pregnancy month.
  2. When you discuss high-risk pregnancy, make sure that you don’t use complex medical terms that are not easy for your boss to understand.
  3. After discussing your problem, tell the reader that you want some work restrictions so that you don’t risk your baby.
  4. In the end, show gratitude to the employer in advance to show courtesy and your expectations from him.

The purpose of this letter is to ensure that the woman gets some relaxation at the workplace such as reduced number of working hours etc.

See the sample letters that can be followed to write a letter that makes sense:

1st Sample

This is to certify that my patient Miss Lisa, who is working in your company as a sales manager, is pregnant. I have been dealing with her pregnancy case ever since she conceived. Recently, I have conducted some tests on her and I have come to know that she is suffering from serious health issues. Due to this, her pregnancy is at very high risk.

I am afraid she would put her life in danger if she did not take care of herself. Therefore, I highly recommend that she should be given some relaxation at the workplace so that she can manage her work and pregnancy smoothly.

I recommend that she must be given some extra breaks after regular intervals as she will need to eat quite often. Furthermore, there should be no restriction on her to perform her job role in a standing position. Her total number of working hours each day should also be reduced so that she can take sufficient time to take rest. She can be assigned some work to do from home as per the convenience of your company.

It is very challenging for a pregnant woman to work with pregnancy especially when things are complicated. I appreciate Miss Lisa for being so strong and motivated because she chose to work even in this condition. I hope that you will also cooperate with her. If you want to know anything else about this case, feel free to contact me.

2nd Sample

Subject: Work restriction letter for [NAME] due to [XYZ]

I am Dr. ABC, a gynecologist of (mention the name of the employee) in your company. I have recently come to know that my patient is at a very high-risk pregnancy stage. Due to this, I have prescribed her to take a rest. However, she cannot take a rest because she is a working woman, and it is very important for her to support herself financially.

I am compelled to restrict her from working continuously for more than three hours. In addition, please give her a break after regular intervals so that she can take a rest.

I appreciate her for being so strong and still choosing to work with a high-risk pregnancy. I am hopeful to see cooperation from your side. If you want to know more about her condition and work restrictions that I, as a doctor can put on her, please feel free to contact me during my clinical timings.

High-risk Pregnancy Work Restriction Letter

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