Bed Rest Note from Doctor


This message serves to grant Michael David, my patient, who works in your company, medical leave from his work because of a sprained spinal cord which has affected his health badly. I recommend two weeks of medical leave of absence for him from the workplace to get completely recovered. Sitting continuously for hours in the same position is damaging his disks and he will remain under intensive care during this period.

I will see him on [mention date] and after assessing his condition thoroughly I will send you my assessment copy in writing to keep in official records. I expect that within a short period, he will make a quick recovery as significantly he does not have any other medical issues. For further clarification, you can contact me from 10 am to 4 pm regarding this leave message. Thanks a lot for taking heed of this matter.


Dear Sir, this is to bring to your notice Linda John’s current health situation. She is my patient and came to visit me after not feeling well for the past few days. I get her blood test done and she has been diagnosed with hepatitis B. She is on complete medical rest as per my recommendation. Attached are her medical reports and I ask you to allow her two weeks of medical leave. You can contact me or my staff for further clarification and about her medical documentation if you need any help. This would be a kind gesture on your behalf. Thanking in anticipation.


I am a student in the final year of my Bachelor of Arts at your college. This message is being written to take a month’s leave due to my recent surgery and for quick recovery, I need extreme surgical care. My ankle had been twisted while playing football on college grounds and after x-ray reports, doctors told me to do surgery to bring the ankle back in shape. They had suggested complete bed rest. My medical leave will start from [mention date] to [mention date].

The doctor’s note suggesting one-month bed rest is attached with the message. I hope you understand my situation and will allow me medical leave. I also request you not mark me absent and consider my medical leave. Hence, my attendance will not suffer. I will remain indebted to you for your kindness.  


This is to inform you that Leo Said has been my patient and I request you excuse him from work on an immediate basis until [mention date]. I have checked him thoroughly and he has sore and strep throat including muscle fatigue and a cold cough. While he will be at the workplace his coworkers will be in danger of being contaminated with this disease. To let it stop, I recommend one week’s absence as a medical leave from the workplace and recommend spending time taking fluids and getting rest.

On [mention date] he has a follow-up visit with me and I am hopeful that he will be provided with a clean health bill and will be able to return to the workplace soon. This will only be possible if he follows my recommendations. In case you have concerns regarding this, you can visit my office or contact me. Thanks a lot for taking into account this matter.


Kindly accept this as an excuse that because of a throat infection, I need ten weeks’ leave. I will be taking leave from [mention date] to [mention date]. A complete rest note from my doctor has been attached to this message confirming that I need some time to recover completely without jeopardizing my fellow worker’s health. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause. However, I shall remain available occasionally to check emails. After medical leave, I will return with full enthusiasm ensuring to catch up on the work I missed while remaining absent. Thank you for considering the matter.


David Seth is my patient and works as an employee in your organization. He has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A after getting some blood tests done. His health is in great danger and he needs proper treatment immediately. For his treatment, I recommend one-month leave. After a month, I will again get his tests done and will email you my feedback if he needs more leave or not. Kindly allow him a medical leave of one month. For your convenience, I am mentioning my email and contact number and you can ask anything concerning his medical record. Thank you.

Bed rest note from doctor

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