Work Restriction Request Letter for Early Pregnancy

Some working women are restricted by their doctors in their early pregnancy due to some medical issues. In this situation, a woman can apply for work restrictions on behalf of her doctor. In some cases, the doctor also writes a letter to the woman or her boss to let them know that the woman needs to be restricted so that she can remain safe during her pregnancy period from start to end.

It is a simple letter that mostly a gynecologist writes. In this letter, the doctor discusses the health condition of the woman and then instructs her to work in a restricted manner.

A doctor is generally required to write this letter in such a way that she can convince the reader into giving some space and relaxation to the subject of the letter who is in her early pregnancy phase. Below are some tips to follow:

Know the rights of the woman:

Although you are a doctor, it might be your common practice to write such letters to different companies. So, you should be aware of what lies within the rights of a woman when she conceives.

Know the format of the letter:

Correct formatting of the letter is very important especially when the doctor writes to a company. You should know the format. Consult with the company for a better understanding of the format.

Read the sample letters given below:

1st sample letter written by a doctor:

This letter is being written to confirm that Mrs. ABC, who is my patient, is 4 weeks pregnant. She is your employee in the IT department. I am writing this letter to you because this should be in your knowledge that one of your employees is pregnant and she needs extra care.

In this crucial stage of her life, she needs to take the best care of herself and there should be no pressure on her whether mental or physical. Stress at the workplace is very common. However, during this period of life, it can have detrimental effects on her health both mental and physical. In addition, her baby’s life and health can also be at risk.

I would request you to please provide her with some relaxation in the office so that she does not have to deal with stress and tension related to the workplace. I hope that you will understand what she must have been going through and cooperate with her.

You can reach me at [@] in case you want to know anything about her pregnancy.

Thanking you.

2nd sample letter written by an employee:

Subject: Work restriction request due to [TEXT]

Through this letter, I would like to let you know that I am pregnant at 5 weeks. I just came to know about it and my doctor has asked me if I need special care during this early period of pregnancy.

My doctor has imposed some restrictions on me due to which, it is my humble request to you to please provide me some accommodations at the workplace so that I can work in a safer environment and take better care of myself and my child.

I have been working in your company for more than 10 years. You know me very well. I have always been very punctual and responsible. Now, my health does not allow me to take the workplace stress that I used to take before pregnancy.

It has become important for me to discuss this matter with you because I need some relaxation as I cannot go on maternity leave in my early pregnancy period. I hope that you will understand my situation and cooperate with me as you have always been so supportive and cooperative.

If you want to know anything else regarding this request of mine, you can call me for a meeting with you. I am attaching my prescription and medical certificate with this letter for proof. I look forward to your kind response.

Work Restriction Request Letter for Early Pregnancy

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