Stomach Pain Excuse Notes


I condone antecedently for this sudden leave. I was at a party last night where overconsumption of food disturbed my stomach. In an emergency, I was taken to a doctor’s clinic where after initial treatment I was given a long list of precautions to follow. The weather intensity has made me more sensitive to encountering agony. I will be on medication for two days. I humbly request you grant me a day off. I will resume the duties after coming back to work.


I beg my pardon for causing inconvenience to you by asking for two days’ leave. I will be on leave due to my poor health. I have an acidity problem that is affecting my health badly. Yesterday, after having lunch I started vomiting and was taken to the hospital. I will remain here for three days as there is an ulcer in my stomach. I have attached my medical report and hope that you will consider my leave request.


Please be notified that I cannot visit college today due to a stomach ache. I am unable to leave my bed due to the intensity of the pain. I had tried my best to come to college for lecture delivery but the soreness is becoming unendurable. I make a humble request to you for today’s leave; hence I will find adequate time to take rest. I will resume my duties tomorrow. Thank you for your kind consideration.


It is insane to ask for two days’ leave during such a crucial phase of the organization. I am in immediate need of this due to a sudden health problem. I had bought some bakery items that turned out to be expired. After eating that food, I felt disturbed and got food poisoning. I have gone through stomach lavage today and will remain admitted for three days. It will take a few more days to get fully recovered. I hope you will understand my situation and will grant me leave.


This is to bring to your notice that I have a disturbed stomach due to overeating. I will remain on a medicine course for seven days and till then I need to take utmost care of my health. I will be on leave from [mention date]to [mention date]. For further leave extension, I’ll check and get back to you. Kindly allow me to leave for the prescribed period. I will be much constrained to you.


Respected madam, this is to inform you that I woke up today with stomach pain. I am having stomach ulcers for a long time and the treatment doctors have suggested for it is surgery. I have an appointment with the doctor today and further treatment will be expected after the doctor’s advice. I request you to please allow me seven days’ leave. Thanking in anticipation.


I am Smith Marshal and drafting this message to ask for three days’ leave due to a stomachache. I had continuous vomiting and nausea feeling since yesterday. On consulting a doctor, I had been diagnosed with gastroesophageal disease. The treatment will require some time and I will be on medical leave for two weeks. There were a lot of unaccomplished tasks that need to be finished this month but I take full responsibility for completing them after resuming office.


I am Christopher and working as a sales manager in the accounts department. I am writing this to bring to your notice my leave for two days due to stomach pain. I have an appointment with the doctor today and I need to visit him. Therefore, I can’t mark my presence today. Kindly grant me leave for two days. I am asking for an extra leave to find some time for rest and relax my mind. I hope you will take into account my message. Thank you for being an exuberant boss.


Dear sir, I am a 9th-grade student at your school, and I need immediate leave. I have an acidity issue as my stomach often remains disturbed. I am having stomach pain since last night, and although I had taken a medicine dose, still I need to visit the doctor. Moreover, I had a Physics presentation tomorrow but my current health situation is not good. I request you to delay it for your next class and after getting fully recovered I will present it. I hope you will understand my condition.

Stomach pain excuse note

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