Personal Health Record Sheet

What is a personal health record sheet?

A personal health record is a document in which the information about the health of a person is collected and stored. The personal health record data can be kept on paper and also in software form. People these days prefer using the electronic personal health record sheet because they can easily upload it to the server so that they can access it from anywhere in the world.

Why is a personal health record needed?

Usually, healthcare providers keep the personal health record of the person. This record is then handed over to the person to whom it belongs. Due to this, when a person changes his health care provider, he can show him personal health records. This record is helpful for the doctor in determining what kind of problem his patient has been going through.

A patient cannot remember all of his personal details. People are usually recommended not to change their doctor. However, when people visit another city or country for vacation or for any reason, they may need to change their doctor.

What are the benefits of using a personal health record?

People are recommended to use their personal health records no matter if they are going to change their doctor or not. Following is the benefit of using the personal health record sheet:

  1. The health record of a person enables the person to answer all the questions that are being asked about his health. Sometimes, a person blacks out and people surrounding him have to answer several questions about his health. They will be able to answer the question when they get information about a patient from his personal health record form.
  2. This record sheet keeps the record of all the important surgical treatments a person has undergone.
  3. All the medicines that a person is already taken are listed in the health record which helps the medical practitioner determine which type of medicine he should prescribe.

What information is included in the personal health record?

An effectively created personal health record includes the following details

  1. The contacts of the patient can be called in case the doctors find that the patient is unconscious and his family needs to be informed
  2. The list of all the health care providers mentioned in this record sheet who has treated the patient in past
  3. Details of the health insurance of the patient
  4. The medications the patient is taking currently and also those that he had taken in the past are specified in the health record sheet which helps the health care providers determine what they should prescribe in the future. Furthermore, by looking at the condition of the patient, they can suggest the patient discontinue certain medications
  5. The X-ray and ultrasound reports are attached to this record. Furthermore, the results of blood tests of the patient conducted for various diagnoses are also mentioned in this record sheet. Dental, immunization, and various records are the main part of the health record sheet.

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