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A doctor is a person who is ready to serve his people round the clock. The field of medicine has witnessed quick advancement because of such dedicated nature of doctors. They are always on their toes to treat one patient to another and never stop working.

Patients come from their homes to consult the doctors about their sickness and doctors try their best to provide them with the best treatment and instructions. They aim not just to treat their current illness but methods to prevent the further course of the disease. Doctors don’t hesitate to visit their patients at their homes if needed.

Doctor’s visit

Similarly, once a patient admitted in the hospital is not neglected to rest on his ward bed. He is visited regularly by the doctors in every shift. On every visit, the doctor writes his notes in the patient’s file to make a record of how the illness was managed and how did it affect the patient’s general condition. Doctor’s visit in this form is also called as ward round.


After a doctor comes to a patient’s bed, he asks his patients about his condition. His complaints and concerns are heard and then the doctor examines the patient starting from his vitals. His systemic examination is also carried out and he is given advised or prescribed medication if needed.

What is the ideal duration of a doctor’s visit?

Duration of doctor’s visit varies from patient to patient. But one thing has to be made sure, that all patients get sufficient time for discussing their queries and getting good attention and treatment. Patient’s satisfaction means a lot because it plays an important role in their recovery. If a doctor needs to thoroughly examine all the systems, he may take quite longer on one patient. If there are no presenting complaints, the routine examination has to take place anyways.

What are the important points to cover in the form?

As stated earlier, doctor’s visit form needs to be documented because it serves as a record of the patient’s disease course and management plan as well as evidence for the doctor who has visited the patient. In the healthcare system, documentation carries equal importance as actual management.

Coming to the important points to be covered at the time of filling a doctor’s visit form, the patient’s identity is most important. According to JCIA standards, patient’s identity has to be established correctly before doing any procedure and filling any sort of form.

Main concerns of the patient are noted down after the patient’s personal details. It is important to mention all the details about presenting illness and no abbreviations are encouraged while filling the form. Only internationally used abbreviations are allowed in the forms. Mention the nature of the patient’s current illness in detail.

A doctor writes down the examination he does on the patient. During visits, it is advised to do the relevant examination.

Establish your diagnosis and then write down the treatment plan. The treatment plan should be clear and written in clear words covering from diet to activity and route of transmission of medicines.

Insurance details are also mentioned in case the patient’s treatment is on a certain panel.

Doctor visit form

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