Marketing Letter to Physicians

A physician is a general doctor whose job is to treat people with his medical insight. While he performs various operations related to his job, he has to use different medicines and medical tools. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies and companies that sell medical tools and equipment often target physicians whenever they have to sell their products.

It is a special type of business letter that allows a person to advertise his products in such a way that the physicians decide to consider the products. The purpose of this letter is to convince the physician that the product being advertised has all those features that he needs, and he should make a purchasing decision

A physician is generally a very busy person who does not have much time to entertain different marketing letters and emails. Most of the time, they discard the email or letter just by seeing the subject. So, if you want to make him take interest in your letter, make sure that you follow the tips given below:

Write a catchy subject:

If you have a catchy subject in your promotional letter, you will never be able to get your letter ignored by the doctor.

Write a short letter:

Physicians like to read short letters because they are busy people and cannot waste their time on long reading. Mostly, people don’t even read the first line when they see the letter is long. Therefore, try writing a short letter.

Be unique:

Try to promote your products and services uniquely so that the doctor can feel you have something different to sell.

1st sample:

We would like to take some time to appreciate you for all the good work you are doing in the field of medicine. You are a well-known doctor in the town and people like to visit you whenever they are in need to see a doctor.

We are so excited to inform you about our new range of products that ABC Company has launched recently. Our products include different tools that medical practitioners use to perform their day-to-day activities such as stethoscopes etc.

We have conducted many types of research and have tried to come up with a product that lasts longer than other similar products in the market. We value the money of our consumers and therefore, we assure you that our products will give value for money. Buying our products also comes with a warranty of three years.

We are sending a sample product also for your review and evaluation and are hopeful that we will get a positive response from you.

I will feel so honored if you invite me to your clinic to show you some more samples. We hope that we will be able to build a long-lasting business relationship with each other.

2nd sample

Subject: Marketing of medicines for [XYZ] to [NAME].

We appreciate the work you are doing in the field of medicine. You have worked for the health and wellness of local people in a commendable way.

Our company has recently launched a new line of products for sportsmen. This line of products includes some supplements that sportsmen also use.

These medicines have been brought to the market after a very careful examination. We have taken help from qualified researchers who have closely and thoroughly examined our products in their labs. They have declared them safe if consumed in the recommended quantity. For your review and satisfaction, we are sending you some of our supplements in the form of a sachet.

We are hopeful that your support will help us make our products reach sportsmen who need them. I will be obliged if you allow me to visit your clinic next time on your advised time to have a more detailed discussion with you.

Marketing Letter to Physicians

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