Disability Verification Form

Disability is something governed by nature for specific people. Gone are the days when the disabled person was considered a burden on society. Nowadays, they are given special facilities so that they can also become a useful and productive part of society. In different organizations, disabled people are given special privileges or special facilities so that they can also lend a helping hand. 

In different educational institutions, disabled students are granted special care and facilities, such as admission at a discounted fee or free admission. In many institutes, special seats are reserved for disabled people. 

The employee with any disability is also granted special facilities, such as a disability allowance in the salary and a lot more. 

To avail of all the privileges a disabled person gets, one has to prove his disability. The institutions use the disability verification form to verify that the candidates wanting to exercise special rights owing to their disability deserve it.

What is a disability verification form?

It is a form used for people with a diagnosed disability. People who want to avail of different medical accommodations and academic services due to their disability are required to use the disability verification form.

A disability verification form is a comprehensive document that determines what type of services a verified disabled person wants to get. 

How do I create a disability verification form?

You can create this form very easily in several formats. Choose the format for creating this form that you are well versed in. 

  1. After choosing the format, mention the name of the person, date of birth, contact details, and the type of disability he has
  2. Also, mention the name of the physician who diagnosed the disability. 
  3. At the end of the form, mention the terms and conditions of using this form. 
  4. Take the signatures of the person whose disability is being verified. 
  5. To verify the disability of the person, the form is sent to the physician.
  6. The physician is also asked to provide certain details about the diagnoses of the patient, the date on which the patient was diagnosed, and the last contact of the physician with the patient.
  7. The physician is also asked whether the patient who claims to be disabled is still under his care or not. 
  8. The list of medications, the impact and side effects of the medication, and many other details are mentioned in this form by the physician.

What is the basic purpose of using the disability verification form?

The functional limitations of the person can be seen due to his/her disability. This form tells the organization about the functional limitations of the person in the area he wants to work in. 

When the physician fills out the disability verification form, he becomes responsible for the disability claim of the disabled person. If the patient is found to be lying, the physician will be held responsible and will be answerable before the law. This is something very important a physician should know.

Disability Verification Form

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