Patient-Doctor Telephone Consultation Record Form

Taking consultations from doctors via phone has become very popular ever since the pandemic hit the world. Those who cannot visit the hospital due to a physical disability or any other kind of restriction can book an appointment with the doctor online. In this mechanism, the doctor listens to the problem online and then prescribes the treatment that is most suitable for the patient. 

The communication between the doctor and the patient is the same as conventional communication taking place in the hospital. The doctor makes use of the same tools he uses when the patient visits him in his clinic. 

Use the form to collect the key information about the patient

This form is the best tool used by doctors to fill out the details related to the diseases and past experiences of the patient. Forms are usually deemed very convenient because they have many fields that urge the user to fill them in and provide the necessary details. 

Through the use of this form, the doctor never forgets to mention any essential detail because every field gathers unique information. 

Patient-Doctor Telephone Consultation Record Form

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How do I create the form for telephone consultation?

There are different types of details a doctor might want to take from the patient during the telephone consultation. Every doctor has their own needs and requirements to assess the medical condition of the patient and then prescribe any medication. Some doctors don’t prescribe anything via phone and only give advice. The form is also needed in this situation.

Here are the tips that can be followed to create a great and useful form:

Use a suitable tool

To create a form, various tools can be used. Google Forms are the most appropriate and user-friendly tools that can be used for creating the form. Some people also prefer using a template for the form, which provides a pre-designed format. The user is required to edit the form to make it aligned with the needs of the hospital, and then it is ready to use. 

Add fields for required details

To make a form a useful source of information, you should make it such that it collects the relevant and most updated information that can help a healthcare practitioner recommend or suggest anything. You can take advice from the doctor to determine what piece of information the form should be collecting. 

Make the form descriptive

The form becomes the right tool when the doctor can understand it and ask the patient about the relevant information. When you create this form, you should know what the patient should say during the telephone consultation. This way, you will be able to design the form that is most needed. 

How can a template help you design a form?

People who look for an easy and stress-free way to design a form usually consider using a template. The form is equally useful for patients as well as doctors. When patients fill out the form, the information is collected and shared with the doctor. With the help of the template, you can perform the following tasks:

Add the logo of the hospital:

The template allows the user to add the logo of the hospital on top of it so that the general-looking tool starts showing an association with the hospital that is going to use it. 

Add a variety of questions:

There is no restriction as to how many questions you can ask using the template of the form. You can always diversify the questions by asking them differently or adding more of them to the template. 

Add signatures:

When the patient fills out the form, he provides his personal details and medical history. The quality of the treatment largely depends on the information provided by the patient. To ensure that the patient’s information has been shared by a legitimate person who knows the details well, the feature of e-signature can be added to the template. The patient can add signatures and then submit the form by just clicking on the submit button on the form. 

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