(Fake) Doctor’s Travel Notes with Signatures

Doctor notes are generally required for traveling purposes when you have to prove that you have been permitted by your medical practitioner to travel. Sometimes, we cannot get a real doctor’s note because of many problems. In such situations, we can opt for a fake note.

It is written correspondence from a doctor in which the doctor tells that the subject is physically and mentally fit and therefore, he can travel now without any restrictions.

When do you need a fake doctor’s note for moving?

It is not permissible to have a fake note especially when you want to use it for official purposes. However, you can use them when:

  1. You are sure that you are physically fit, and you can travel without any trouble
  2. When the doctor you need a note from is not available and you need a note as soon as possible
  3. When the doctor does not allow you to travel but you must travel for something very important

How to write a fake note from a medical practitioner?

There are many templates of the doctor’s note that you can download and print on the fake letterhead. These templates provide the best-formatted note which never looks like a fake note. You can also create the note on your own if you are not satisfied with the pre-written note. Regardless of where you get the note from, make sure you don’t need to play tricks or mislead someone.

Below are two sample notes written by a doctor.

1st sample

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Note for traveling for [XYZ]

I am writing this note to verify that Mr. ABC is physically and mentally fit for traveling. Mr. ABC has been getting treatment from me for his chronic kidney disease for 5 years. I have been carefully monitoring the condition of his kidneys. Earlier, he was restricted to travel because of high urea in the blood.

However, I have conducted his blood and kidney tests again at his request. It has turned out that he is getting better now and urea and creatinine levels in his blood are also in range now.  Therefore, I consider him fit for traveling and I hope that he will not face any problems if he travels any time soon.

If you want to know anything else regarding the health of Mr. ABC, you can get in touch with me on [TEXT]. I am ready to provide you with the information that I am allowed to divulge. Thank you so much for considering this note to be used for official purposes.

2nd sample

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Not fit for travel note for [XYZ]

I am Dr. Adams, an oncologist of Mr. ABC. This is to verify that Mr. ABC is now completely fit for traveling via plane and by road. A few months ago, I restricted my patient, Mr. ABC, from traveling because he was on chemo, and it was not safe for him to go far from the hospital. His health was very fragile, and he was not in the condition to travel. I did not want him to take any risk as there is nothing more valuable than a person’s health.

Luckily, my patient is now on the road to recovery and his test results are also showing progress in his health. Although he is not completely fine as chemotherapy has effects that take a long time to go away, he is now fit for traveling.

I would advise Mr. ABC to travel within the country and go wherever he wants to go. However, for traveling abroad, we will have to wait for a month or more. I have disclosed the information as much as I was allowed to disclose. In case you want to know more about the health or fitness of traveling, you can reach me at [TEXT]. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Fake Doctor's Travel Notes with Signatures

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