Pregnancy Verification Certificate

Conception is a process that has led to the sustainability of humankind. Pregnancy is an experience that women have in their lives. It comes with so many changes in the physiology, psychology, and environmental surroundings of a female.

Why do we need pregnancy verification?

Pregnancy verification is not merely a formality. It has legal and medical implications and needs to be done through proper channels. Just to give you a complete idea of the importance of pregnancy verification, we have listed down some of the many important reasons why one has to have a pregnancy verification form every time conception occurs.

  1. Pregnancy verification helps in the establishment of the gestational age of the fetus. We use this information to know the gestational age at any stage of pregnancy.
  2. With the help of information on gestational age, we can estimate the time of delivery of the fetus. This is the most important information in gynecology and OBS practice. Of course, we don’t want to deliver a premature baby and we don’t want to delay the indicated delivery of a baby as well.
  3. The pregnancy verification form has legal importance as well. This piece of paper has to be produced during the inheritance claim, especially if the father dies during the pregnancy of his wife.
  4. The legitimacy of a child is also one of the most important reasons one should have a pregnancy verification form as soon as the lady finds out she is pregnant.
  5. Nationality is the topmost identity of any individual. To prove it, sometimes the conception verification certificate helps a great deal.

What do we need in the pregnancy verification form?

The pregnancy verification form is a letter that contains all the information that is required to confirm the presence of pregnancy and also some other details too. Let’s have a look at all those details.

  1. First, we need to maintain the identity of the parents in the pregnancy verification form. The establishment of the identity of parents is necessary because we don’t want any confusion while producing a verification form. The name of the patient and her husband/partner is mentioned in the first column of the form.
  2. The age of the pregnant lady is also mentioned in the form to make sure that the woman has come of age and there is no legal issue with her age while conception.
  3. Some details are mentioned by the gynecologist as well. He is interested in knowing if the patient had any previous pregnancies. So, we do mention if the patient is a first-time mother or if she is having it again.
  4. The date of her last menstrual period is also mentioned in the form because this is the key to estimating the gestational age, time of delivery, and confirmation of pregnancy.
  5. If the doctor is conducting the tests, it is advisable to put the report as well. If pregnancy is confirmed by a beta HCG test, a report of the test is attached ideally with the form. If pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound the report is also attached.
  6. The doctor then signs the form making it a valid certificate.
Pregnancy Verification Certificate
Pregnancy Verification Certificate

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