Office Leave Letter for a Doctor Appointment

Taking leave from the office is a common practice for people due to a variety of reasons. Some people have very medical reasons such as sickness or appointments with the doctor. It is the right of any employee to take a leave from work when he does not feel well and wants to see a doctor.

When a person wants to take leave from the office because he needs to see the doctor for some medical reasons, he can write the office leave letter. In this letter, the employee requests the employer to allow him to leave work and attend the doctor’s.

Significance of office leave letter

There are a specific number of official leaves that every person can take monthly or annually. However, a proper procedure is always important to follow to get the approval of the leave. For this purpose, many employees choose to write a letter in which they inform the employer that they have an upcoming appointment with the doctor, and they need to stay away from work for a specific period.

In some cases, the employer also requires the employee to provide the reason. In this situation, the employee will also mention the details of the appointment as well.

When you write the official leave application letter, you show professionalism by demonstrating respect for the company’s rules and work ethics.

1st sample

Sub: Official leave letter

This is to inform you that I shall not be able to come to work on 15th July 2055 due to the appointment on the mentioned day with my general physician. I have been feeling sick for many days. An appointment with the doctor was due for a long time. Therefore, I cannot miss out on it.

According to the record of the school, I have 10 annual leaves left for this year. However, I do care about my responsibilities also. I have transferred some of my duties to my colleague Miss Lisa who will look after all the matters when I am not around. I assure you that I will be back within one day as I understand the importance of work and the commitment I have made to the company.

I assure you that I will never let you down. For recordkeeping purposes, I am attaching a copy of my appointment letter also with this letter. It is my humble request to you to please approve my request and allow me to go on leave for a day. During the leave period, I can be reached on my number at any time. I am looking forward to your cooperation.

2nd sample

Sub: Official leave letter

I am (mention your name), working in the ICT department of the company. My employee ID is 434. With this letter, I would like to request you to please allow me to go on leave for 3 days. I need this leave because I have a very important appointment with the dermatologist for the skin allergy I have been suffering from for many days. My doctor’s appointment is in another city.

As per my employment contract, I am entitled to 10 annual leaves. Since I have availed only 2 of them, I am entitled to the leave of 3 days. I am aware of how important it is for me to be at the workplace for performing my job duties. However, I must attend that appointment as I have been waiting for it for many days.

I have completed the work for the next 3 days and handed it over to the manager. I hope that there will be no problem due to my absence. However, if you need to reach out, you can contact me on 63423 for discussing any work-related matter with me. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Office Leave Letter for a Doctor Appointment

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