Breastfeeding Tracker

Many doctors advise new mothers to track the breastfeeding sessions of their newborns if they want to be sure that they are feeding their newborns properly. Nursing mothers need to understand the needs of their infants so that they can take better care of them without posing any risk to their health.

What is a breastfeeding tracker?

A breastfeeding track is a great tool for those mothers who want to keep track of their feeding patterns but cannot do so manually because of poor memory or tough routines. In other words, this tracker does the job that a mother is supposed to do. At the beginning of the breastfeeding process, a mother is required to have a proper routine to follow.

Some people are undisciplined and cannot do so unless they have a tool that compels them to follow the same pattern that they followed one day ago, and then this becomes their routine.

What are the key characteristics of the breastfeeding tracker?

Although a feeding mother can use paper and pencil to keep track of her patterns, there are some exceptional features this tracker provides that make it highly preferable over merely using paper and pencil. Here is what you can do with this tracker:

It allows you to take notes

When you use this tool, it allows you to add notes or comments which you can read later and remind yourself of important details. Usually, mothers use this feature whenever they have any issue or any question in their mind and when they go to their doctor, they discuss them easily because they have saved those issues in the tracker and it reminds them.

It gives you diaper-changing details

Some mothers forget when to check the diaper of their child and due to this, their baby often gets rashes and skin allergies. Therefore, the tracker keeps reminding them to check and change the diaper and save the infant from skin reactions that occur due to wetness.

You can keep track of the duration of the feeding

A baby needs to be fed every one or two hours and mothers should remember what was the last time they breastfeed their infant and when they should do it next time. This way, they can fulfill the needs of their newborn and don’t let him feel starving. If mothers have a habit of forgetting, the tracker will not let them be the victim of poor memory.

You can record the information regarding breast pumping

If nursing mothers have to use pumping for breastfeeding, this information is also noted in the tracker and then they can determine when to use the pump again for effective feeding.

The data can be shared

There are many such situations when there is a need to share the data with others. For instance, mothers can share the data with the doctor to know if she is following the patterns in the right way or not. A nurse who is taking care of an infant can share the data with the mother of the child while she is at work and wants to be updated with the data. So, it is easy to export or share the data with third parties as and when it is required.

Why is it important to use a feeding tracker?

A breastfeeding monitoring tool is not just for mothers. Rather, it is for all those people who are interested or concerned about taking care of the infant. It is a tool that helps all the concerned people to take care of a baby just like a mother. Doctors also use it when they want to teach a mother how to feed her newborn.

Some mothers never come to know that their child is not getting the proper amount of feeding unless they use a tracker. It is a great monitoring tool that you can download and keep on your mobile so that you can update it with the data whenever you need it.

In addition, it reminds you by sending notifications, and this way, you are less likely to forget to feed your baby and can become a more responsible and caring mother. 

Breastfeeding tracker template

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