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Breastfeeding Tracker or Logs

Breastfeeding is a major part of your baby’s feed during the first couple of years. Although it is very healthy and important activity, however, it can be very uncomfortable if you or your baby are not in the mood for it. It gets more easy after some time and practice but you need to keep a few tips in mind for example keep your back and posture straight, hold your baby in well supported position so he/she feel comfortable and connected, make sure you are not tired, relax yourself.

Keeping track of how much and how often you feed your baby is important, so that you know the nutrition your baby is getting and if it is enough for healthy and normal growth of your baby. Breastfeeding tracker or log is an easy way of keeping track of the amount of feed your baby is taking per day. This log has detailed information about the time and date of each time you feed your baby, enabling you to know how often you feed. The log also hold the information about the mood of your baby before and after each time you feed, this helps you to know if your baby is easily digesting the feed or not. The breastfeeding tracker also has the amount of time your baby takes to take the feed , this would tell you if the accessibility of the breast milk is comfortable for your baby or not.

All this information helps you to evaluate whether your baby is getting the normal required nutrition for healthy growth or not.


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Breastfeeding Tracker Template
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