Fake Antenatal Letter

A fake Antenatal Letter is a document containing false information about a fake pregnancy of an employee. Usually, this letter is written by a doctor or a physician. The purpose of making a fake antenatal letter is usually to get a little time off from the workplace. An antenatal letter contains pregnancy information such as pregnancy test reports and doctor’s visit check-up reports.

A fake antenatal letter also provides all these reports, falsely made, but authentic and realistic looking, so the authorities could be fooled or misled. Nowadays, these fake reports can be obtained from certain websites online and people don’t even have to go to doctors to ask them to make such fake reports or letters.

However authentic or realistic looking the fake antenatal letter might be if submitted to work authorities, it will be considered as fraud and a person could be at a high risk of losing the job. One can even lose credibility if the HR department or the boss finds out that an employee has been lying about her pregnancy.

Using fake antenatal letters for taking days off, is becoming more and more common these days. One of the main reasons is work overload and highly hectic life routines. No matter how tough the situation might be, it is always better to be unpretentious.

To obtain a fake antenatal letter, the easiest way is to get it online. A lot of samples are available on certain websites and the user just has to fill in some of the information and print out the document. The fake letter must match the standard and quality of a real healthcare note for it to look authentic and genuine.

Another aspect of this scenario to be considered is how to end the fake antenatal. A lot of times, the employee, producing the fake letter, makes excuses for miscarriage after a couple of months, instead of faking the pregnancy all the way to the end of 9 months.

When Is It Required?

  1. An antenatal letter is required when a woman wants to exercise her right to obtain maternity leaves, hence a fake letter is produced if an employee wants to avail maternity leaves of 3 months or so, depending on the state’s law.
  2. Sometimes, property disputes and legal matters also require antenatal verification letters.
  3. To establish the gestational fetus’s age for medical reasons, an antenatal verification letter is needed.
  4. Another situation in which a person might require a fake antenatal letter is if the original letter is somehow lost. If the intentions of producing a fake antenatal letter are malevolent, both the parties, the doctor and the patient could face serious consequences.

Basic Information Covered in a Fake Antenatal Letter

A fake Antenatal Letter is similar to any other pregnancy verification letter, consisting of all pregnancy-related information as well as the healthcare details.

  • Doctor’s Name:

A doctor’s Name must be provided in the letter, so the employer believes that it is a real document.

  • Doctor’s Contact Details:

In case the employer questions the authenticity of the document, the contact details of the doctor and the clinic should also be provided.

  • Dates:

The dates of visiting the doctor must be included in the letter. Also, the fetus’s gestational age and the expected delivery dates could be mentioned.

  • Additional Notes:

 Any additional note might be added for backing the reason for providing the fake antenatal letter.

Sample Fake Antenatal Letter

Mrs. Nancy Drew

General Hospital

34210 Washington Ave.                                                                       

Seattle, Washington

Tele: 333 3331122

Open: Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Subject: Pregnancy Confirmation

2nd March 20XX

To Whom It May Concern

This is an official verification to confirm a positive pregnancy test.

This letter confirms that Mrs. Nancy Drew is expecting her first baby. She came to General Hospital on 21st February 2033, after conducting the necessary tests, it has been concluded that she is 12 weeks pregnant, and her expected delivery date is 30th August 2033.

Nancy’s health condition is not looking very good and her body is not able to handle much physical exertion and stress at the moment. I have advised her to take bed rest for a couple of months and avoid stressful activities.

If any other information is needed, I have provided my contact information.


Anthony James


General Hospital

Fake Antenatal Letter Template
Fake Antenatal Letter Template

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