Breastfeeding Tracker Template

Breastfeeding is one of the highly discussed topics and somehow, is the most misunderstood concept especially among the less educated population of the world.

Breast feeding is the basic right of a new born and must be fed to the baby right from the beginning of their arrival in this world. Breast feed in the first three days of the birth is called as colostrum and is rich in countless immunoglobulin which serve is a vaccine against many infectious and fatal diseases. So, this is the main reason a baby is put to mother’s feed just after his birth. This also helps in a good milk production through the action of oxytocin.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding contains immense benefits both to the mother and baby. That’s why doctors all over the world keep emphasizing the importance of breast milk and a mother is always encouraged to breastfeed her baby.


Some of the most important advantages of breastfeeding are;

  1. Breast feed is a complete food for the newborns until they are shifted to external and solid sources of food. It contains all the necessary macro and micro nutrients for the baby.
  2. It has boosts immunity of the new born up to two years of life and helps the baby fight against many common illnesses.
  3. It develops a better mother and child relationship. Both get to spend more time with each other and this helps in stronger bonding as per psychologists.
  4. It acts a natural contraceptive for the mother if she breast feeds her baby regularly.
  5. It helps the mother regain her body shape and weight before pregnancy.
  6. It helps the baby fight against a number of allergies.
  7. Overall effect of breast feeding on the baby is better growth and development than those who are bottle fed.

Recommended time and duration of breastfeeding

According to World Health Organization, a baby must be exclusively breast feed from birth to six months of age. After that, he must add some solid food with continues breast feeding up to two years of life.

A mother must breast feed her baby for about 10 to 15 minutes from each side every two hours in a new born. This is helpful in feeding the child properly, protecting the mother from breast inflammation due to over production of unexpressed milk, and developing a regular wake, sleep and feeding cycle for the mother.

Breastfeeding chart

  1. A breast feeding chart is used to keep an account of the routine of breast feeding especially in a newborn for all the above mentioned reasons. This also helps is assessing the quantity of feed a baby is taking and knowing if he is taking proper feed according to age.
  2. If the baby is on top feed, the quantity of both feeds is also easily taken in account for a better nutritional status of the baby.
  3. A breast feeding chart requires to be filled with the time and duration of breast feeding and especially the duration from each breast.
Breastfeeding tracker template

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