Sculptra Consent Form

PLLA or poly-L-lactic acid is known to provide revolutionary results for people who are interested in anti-aging therapies. Sculptra is one such formulation and we would really want you to go through the introduction of the amazing product.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is the formulation of PLLA and is luckily approved by the FDA. This amazing product is manufactured by Dermik Laboratories. These are known for conducting the North American business of Aventis Dermatology which is, in turn, a global unit of dermatology by Sanofi Aventis.

This formulation of PLLA was approved in the year 2004 by the FDA. The main purpose of this formulation was to reduce facial fats. Facial lipoatrophy is the term used for this which one wants to achieve to reduce the fats from the face.

According to the study conducted by the FDA, this product was used for patients with HIV aids who already have distinctive lipoatrophy. So, this product was approved for patients who are not positive for HIV and are not taking anti-HIV drugs actively.

How does Sculptra Work?

Lipoatrophy is the main mechanism that is achieved by the use of Sculptra. Once the injection is administered, the patient is asked to wait for a month or two so that the collagen naturally grows in a gradual course.

At the time of injections, patients are counseled about the possible side effects which include bruising, swelling, and sometimes pain in the affected area. We also encourage the patients to undergo regular massages so that the product is evenly disturbed throughout the face.

After the successful administration of the Sculptra, it potentially decreases your face lines, and creases and gives you an extremely good and youthful appearance.

Another good thing about Sculptra is that it is a daycare procedure and is considered completely safe for most patients.

Sculptra consent form

A consent form for Sculptra administration is a must because this includes the rules of medical ethics. Moreover, we are going to manipulate the patient’s skin and we want our patient to be completely informed about his condition. We also want him to understand the whole procedure and only then consent to the whole process.

The Sculptra consent form begins with the details of the patient. We want to know the name of the patient, age, sex, and contact details. Insurance details are also sometimes required and totally depend upon the policies of the clinic.

A standard Sculptra consent form includes all the information that we have already mentioned. The patient is asked to thoroughly read the consent form in which he is informed about the Sculptra and every other detail of the procedure.

Possible side effects of the procedure are also mentioned so that the patient knows what he is going through and when to worry and come back to the doctor.

Post-procedure care is also mentioned in the consent form so that he follows all the instructions. These include ice packing, massaging the patient’s face, and resting for the periods in between.

Sculptra Therapy Consent Form Template
Sculptra Therapy Consent Form Template

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