Letter to Patient for Removal from Hospital for Unethical Conduct

Like any other institute, hospitals have a certain code of conduct that everyone working in the hospital is bound to follow. Besides the rules laid for the staff, there are certain rules which the patient has to abide by. 

These sets of rules are normally displayed on a board in the hospital or they may be written down in a place where they are clearly visible to all. Patients like staff members are bound to follow all these rules during their stay at the hospital. If due to any reason a patient does not abide by the rules and displays non-corrective behavior the hospital has the right to remove the patient from the hospital. This removal of the patient will be drafted in a letter known as the letter to the patient for removal from the hospital.

This letter will be written by an authoritative person working in the hospital. The person’s name along with his/her designation will be mentioned.

The letter will move forward by mentioning the patient’s reference number or case number along with their name. The ward number or room number where the patient is admitted is written below it. Any specific department under which the patient’s case is registered is also mentioned with the name of the concerned doctor who is looking after the patient. The letter is dated followed by the subject line of the letter.

The need of writing the letter due to non-corrective behavior arises when the patient is unable to abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital and is continuously becoming a reason for trouble at the hospital. Such behaviors cannot be tolerated for the sole reason that hospitals are very sensitive places where different kinds of treatments are carried out on different patients. And for this reason, any individual disturbing the hospital’s environment cannot be tolerated with his behavior of causing disruption.

Sample letter

Dr. Meezo
Health Care Hospital
5th Avenue Westwood.

Mr. Henry
Reference number: 23es567
Concerned Department:  Bacterial Infections Department
Concerned Doctor: Dr. James
Health Care Hospital
5th Avenue Westwood

Dated: 17th October, 20XX

Subject: Expulsion from hospital

Dear Mr. Henry,

You had come to our hospital with a complaint of constant fever. Dr. Green referred you to us. Your treatment started a week after you had visited the hospital as your fever was not settling. Upon further tests, you were diagnosed with typhoid for which you were admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Now it’s been two weeks that you are here in our hospital and for the past 2 weeks, it is you who is constantly causing trouble for everyone.

Three days before you had intentionally pressed the fire alarm causing chaos at the hospital. A day later you entered the laboratory and managed to break the test tubes which caused us a lot. Your constant behavior is upsetting us and all other patients in the hospital and it is for this reason that we at the Health Care Hospital can no longer look after you and have decided to shift you to a clinic where you can be treated well.

We had made arrangements for your shift at the clinic. The details of the clinic and the doctor who will look after you are enclosed with this letter. The accounts department person will consult you for the clearance of your dues in a day.


Mr. Meezo
Health Care Hospital
5th avenue Westwood

Letter to Patient for Removal from Hospital for Unethical Conduct

Simi Karton

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