Doctor Authorization Letter for no Longer Contagious

A doctor’s authorization letter for no longer contagious symptoms is a letter that a doctor signs when a certain patient has symptoms that are not contagious. This letter can show that the patient can keep working or even going to school.

Contagious diseases pose a threat to everyone. Therefore, a patient must be checked properly by a doctor before they can interact with others so that their illness does not negatively affect others.

This letter is used in clinics and hospitals by doctors who provide it to patients who need to show their school or boss that their illness is not contagious. It is used by those individuals who have an illness that seems contagious but is not.

In this form, an individual may be allowed to continue what they are doing without the threat of harming others. It is useful, as others can know the medical history of a patient.

Tips to write the doctor’s authorization for no longer contagious

  1. Indicate the name, address, and city of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  2. The date should be present.
  3. The name of the patient should be written, stating that they are allowed to continue going to school or work without harming their peers.
  4. The doctor’s office details, including email, phone number, etc., should be stated in case any questions need to be asked by the boss or principal, for instance.

You can get an idea from the sample letter provided below:


To: (Details of the person the letter is addressed to, including name, address, and city)

Dear (Recipient),

This letter is to tell you that (name of patient) has no contagious diseases and should be allowed to keep on going to (work or school) without the threat of harming (his/her) peers. [Name]’s symptoms, although they can be confusing for some (infectious illness), will not be a threat to others. It is not required to quarantine as well as limit (name)’s interactions and contact with peers based on (symptoms).

You can contact my office if you have any questions. You can contact us at (information).

Thank you,

(Doctor’s name and signature)

Preview of Letter

Doctor Authorization Letter for no Longer Contagious

Format: MS Word [.docx]

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