Authorization Form for a Child to Return to School after the Illness

An authorization form stating that a child can return to school after an illness is a form that states this fact. Authorization forms are made for different purposes. There are authorization forms for credit cards, medical concerns, etc. An authorization form is a form granting permission to someone from authority, in the above case, probably a doctor.

An authorization form of this kind may be found in a clinic or hospital. It may also be found in schools, where the school nurse may tell the student to take it and get it signed by their doctor.

After a student has taken days off school, the school will need to know what was wrong with them. If parents had already contacted the school, telling them about the illness their child had, the school might then make it a policy for students who experience this to return with an authorization form from their doctor, allowing them to return to school and not be a threat to their peers.

This form is used as it will permit a child to be able to go back to school after they have been reasonably cured of an illness that may no longer be contagious and that the student is fit to participate in school activities.

Tips on composing an authorization form of this kind

  1. Indicate the complete details of the student concerned; this will include, name, date of birth, age, address, etc.
  2. The medical history of the student may be stated briefly. This should indicate which illness the student has recovered from.
  3. The complete details of the doctor concerned need to be stated. This will include the doctor’s name, email, telephone number, physical address, etc. This is important in case the school wants to contact the doctor.
  4. The duration of the illness may also be stated.
  5. It should be stated that the student is now fit to pursue activities at school and that they are not contagious.

The authorization form for a child to go back to school after an illness is an important form. It should be precise so that the school can easily read and find out about what illness the student suffered from and that they are fine now.


Authorization Form for Child's Return to School after Illness

Format: MS Word [.docx]

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