Doctor Appointment Books

The life of a doctor is always busy and super-saturated schedules keep him on his toes all day long. Doctors examine and treat quite a number of patients each day. They have their outpatient setups in hospitals or their own clinics; they need to handle planned surgeries and procedures along with emergencies. Doctors stay busy round the clock and mostly don’t get enough time for other activities or mismanagement.

In this situation, it is essential that all the appointments, surgeries and procedures, case discussions, meetings, and academic activities are organized and noted down somewhere. This helps a doctor never miss or forget what he was supposed to do.

If a doctor is working in a hospital, his appointment schedule is maintained by the hospital staff and he is just given reminders of his appointments.

A doctor’s appointment book is a tiny magic book in other words which tends to keep the schedule smooth and every other activity regarding patients is done without any fuss and confusion.

What is a doctor’s appointment book?

A doctor’s appointment book is a little logbook in which all the appointments are scheduled. This appointment book is used to see the slots available or for staying punctual about doctor’s appointments.

A doctor’s appointment book is a little book consisting of 100 or more pages in which there are given columns and rows to fill in the basic information about the booked appointment.

  1. To begin with, the first column is for the serial number which tells about the number of appointments booked and also gives information about the available slots for more appointments. For example, if one doctor needs to see 25 patients in a day at a hospital, the one who books the appointment will know at a glance, how many patients can be booked for an appointment.
  2. The name of the patient with his sex, age, and contact details are mentioned in the next two or three columns so that the basic information can be recalled in a second.
  3. In the next column, the primary complaint of the patient or the reason for the appointment is mentioned. This helps in a quick recall of memory and the doctor does not need to inquire from the beginning especially if the patient is coming for a follow-up visit.
  4. The date and time of the appointment are also mentioned in the subsequent columns. It is usually recommended that the date and time of the appointment are noted in bold letters so that it is never missed or mixed with some other appointment.
  5. A doctor’s appointment book is used similarly for the scheduling of surgical or medical procedures. The advantage of keeping one book for multiple procedures and activities of a doctor helps in keeping all the information under one roof. They don’t have to go through the separate appointment and procedure log books every time and they don’t need to keep switching the logs.
  6. Last but not least, a doctor’s appointment book serves as the key organizer on which the whole day of a doctor depends.
Doctor appointment book template
Doctor appointment book template
Doctor appointment book

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