Doctor Appointment Log Template

What is a doctor appointment log?

Log templates are helpful for personal & business purposes like for tracking doctor’s appointments for instance. A doctor appointment log may record the various times an individual visited the doctor, for what reasons and what medicine was prescribed to them. The log is also maintained for a home care patient to keep a record of the complete history of the doctor’s visit.

This log template can be of different types. One can be the template that the nurse or doctor’s secretary has which states the various patients who will be visiting the doctor on a certain day, stating what time they will come. This template helps to arrange the doctor’s time and not let patients wait as they should come to the doctor at the time that is given to them by the secretary or nurse.

Another type of template can be for a single patient that records the various times that patient has visited his doctor stating the reasons and results of the visit.

This template can be helpful to the doctor when they want to know the history of the patient and can also be useful to the patient and their family so that they have a written account of when they went to a doctor.

In this way, a doctor can refer back to this template when this patient comes again. The template can also help the doctor know who is coming to visit them and at what time.

This type of template can get used in clinics, hospitals, etc. Patients can also compose a template like this if they wish to record when they went to the doctor and what happened at that visit.

Tips when composing a doctor appointment log template

  1. The patient’s complete details can be asked, this includes name, date of birth, address, email, etc.
  2. The date and time of the patient’s visit need to be present.
  3. Questions should be asked concerning why the patient visited the doctor.
  4. The symptoms and illness of the patient can also be recorded.
  5. The various medicines prescribed to the patient can be asked.

These are just some things that can be included in a doctor appointment log template. The template should be made in such a way that it is easy for the doctor to quickly scan through the tables prior to a patient’s visit.

Doctor Appointment Log Template

Format: MS Word [.doc]


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