Bed Rest Leave Application for Office

Re. Leave from Work for [Mention the Duration]

Dear Sir, I am writing this application to request you approve my request for the absence from work during [mention the period]. On [date], I happened to meet an accident in which I was injured critically. I broke my left arm and had many bruises all around my body. My right ankle has been dislocated which is causing trouble in walking.

I had to stay in the hospital for more than [x] days as the doctor asked me to stay under their observation. During this time, I was given steroids and painkillers. Moreover, I was injected with other medication to heal my wounds but they also had some side effects. The medication resulted in sores in my varices and caused gastroenteritis.

However, the doctor has prescribed me complete bed rest for [mention the period]. I know that my absence from the office for such a long period can cause many inconveniences but I am unable to make any change, however, I am willing to minimize the trouble of my absence by providing my assistance from home.

I am allowed to do some work for a few hours from home without putting any extra stress on my body and mind. During this time, I can help in decluttering the work and previous project details and assist in managing them. To make a smooth transition for the mentioned time, I have already talked with [Name], the [Designation], who will look after all the projects during my absence and try to cover for me.

I request you ask other employees to understand the situation and help Mr. [Name] in covering me by working collaboratively. I will be very grateful to you and the team for making this time easy and stress-free for me. I will be available and try my best to assist by sending priority emails to the clients. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Note: Please find the doctor’s prescriptions and medical test reports attached for your convenience


[Organization’s Name]

Bed Rest Leave Application for Office

Re. Leave for Bed Rest Prescribed by the Consultant

Dear Manager,

This letter has been written to inform you that I will stay absent from work for [mention the period]. My medical consultant, Dr. [Name] has prescribed me complete bed rest due to my leg fracture.

As I informed earlier in the department I met with an accident on [date] that fractured my leg. I remained under medical observation in the [hospital’s name] for [mention the period]. The doctor performed surgery on my leg and therefore, I am unable to walk for some time.

However, the doctor prescribed me complete bed rest and strictly prohibited any activity that involves mental or physical strength. I need a [mention the number of days] leave from work to act on the doctor’s advice.

I understand that my absence from work can cause a lot of inconvenience at work in ongoing projects and coordination but I assure you of my complete assistance and availability through emails and phone calls to assist the person who will work in my place.

I will also provide complete guidance to the person covering my work burden and playing my part. I will also make my availability sure during any important assignment. Also, I will be available through Zoom, E-mail, and Skype for urgent meeting calls where my presence will be mandatory.

I will be thankful for your kindness and support during this difficult time. You can contact me on [phone number] during this time. Thank you.


Simi Karton

Dr. Simi Karton currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband. This website is a voluntary work of Dr. Karton to provide people with useful health-related information with a straightforward approach.

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