Maternity Leave Extension Letter for Baby Care

Every female worker is given maternity leave because she is unable to perform her duties like normal individuals due to her pregnancy. She takes leave for a specific time period and then returns to work once that period comes to an end. In general, the leave is for her to stay at home during the pregnancy and be safe as some women face serious health issues if they continue to perform their duties during pregnancy. 

What is a maternity leave extension letter for baby care?

It is a request letter written to the employer to request him to extend the maternity leave for a specific period so that the employee can give better care to her baby. This request letter is written in specific situations when the female employee finds no other way she can take care of her baby while she is away from home at the workplace. 

Why write a maternity leave extension letter for baby care?

Once the female employee has given birth to the baby and gets back to normal health, she is supposed to return to work according to the maternity leave she took earlier. Unfortunately, there are some unpredictable situations when there is a need for the working woman to stay with her baby instead of going to work.

For example, during the covid period, all the baby care centers were closed and female employees felt the need to not go to work and stay at home. In this situation and many other similar situations, the employee is left with no other option but to write a request letter to ask for an extension. 

Furthermore, when you write a letter to request more days off from work, you let the employer know that you are interested in working in their company but some reasons have compelled you to stay at home. Due to this, the employer can think of extending your leave instead of hiring someone else for your position. 

How to write a request letter to ask for an increase in the length of maternity leave?

It is extremely important to know how you can write this letter because when you can convey the problem that has led you to ask for the extension, the employer will be able to understand you in a better way. So, read the tips given below:

Always begin with the extension request:

The formal letter does not contain unnecessary details and you should only mention the purpose of writing this request letter. Give the details of the maternity leave that is currently effective and that you want to be extended. Mention the date on which the maternity leave is supposed to end and then specify how many extensions you want from the company. 

Give the reason:

Let the employer know that you want to take care of your baby because of this, returning to work as of now is not possible for you. Give the rationale behind your request so that the reader can be convinced that you have no other option but to stay at home and take care of your infant yourself. 

Discuss your request:

Here, you will have to discuss how things can be managed if you are asking for an extension. For example, if you think the company will have to face the inconvenience because it will have to pay you and your substitute employee also, you can ask to grant you the extension without paying you. You can also offer your services to provide a temporary substitution to the employee. 

Apologize for the inconvenience:

Since you know that the employee has faced inconvenience, apologize to the employer to make him know that you have realized that the company faces problems when the employee provides the extension in the leave that is requested all of a sudden. This way, the employer can understand your problem which has caused you to apply for an extension in the leave.

Regardless of how much effort you have put into writing this letter, always be ready to accept a reply of any type from the employer because it depends on the internal circumstances of a company.

Sample Letter (Short)


To: [Write the information to whom you are sending this letter]

Subject: Maternity leave extension letter for baby care

Dear (Name of Recipient),

We received a request to extend your maternity leave and have agreed to do this. The company will increase the maternity leave for (state how many months) from (give dates). We got to know that you have experienced some health complications and your child’s health is not good. We hope that the extension will help in taking care of your baby.

We wish you and your baby a healthy life.


Name of Sender

Maternity Leave Extension Letter for Baby care

Sample Letter (Detailed)

Re. Request for Extension in Maternity Leave for Baby Care

Dear Manager,

I hope you are doing great. I am writing to formally request an extension of maternity leave. I would like to explain the circumstances and compassionately ask for your response and support at this important time of my life.

As you may know, I am currently on maternity leave which started on [start date]. Since then, I have fully spent precious time with my child and acclimated to the demands of parenthood. In any case, I have come to realize that the length of the maternity leave may not be enough to allow me to satisfactorily think and reflect on my child at this important stage of development.

Given the importance of this early period and my key role in supporting my child’s development and well-being, I kindly request that my maternity leave be extended by an additional [number of days/weeks]. This extension will allow me to give my child important attention and support, which ensures a stable course of development and builds strength for the future.

I, seriously, consider the effect of a long absence of a [mention your title] from the organization that might put a halt to the development of various projects. I am here to ensure a smooth transition and limit the disruption that might be caused during my absence. I have reflected enough on the working process and have coordinated with my teammates and ensured them of my full assistance and access to the key information and documents to complete any tasks or responsibilities that may arise during my extended leave.

I understand that the organization has procedures and rules regarding maternity leave and I am ready to follow them with reference to my request for an extension. If necessary, I am ready to provide additional information or clinical documentation that would substantiate my request.

I value my position in the organization and the positive working relationship we have created. I have always focused amazingly well on my work duties and fully understand the importance of continuing with the tasks of the organization. However, I agree that this extension to stay at home is important for both my child’s well-being and my ability to return to work with renewed focus and commitment after an extended leave.

I am generously asking for your immediate attention to this and would be grateful if you could respond to my request at your earliest. Please let me know if I need to do something for a quick procedure to get an extension on the leave.

Thank you for reviewing my request, supporting and reflecting on it. I agree that adding maternity to childcare will have long-term benefits for my family and I am confident that I will return to work with greater responsibility and efficiency. I would really appreciate your kind and positive response. Thank you!

Please find attached the recommendation letter of my baby’s neonatologist.

Kind Regards,


Maternity Leave Extension Letter for Baby Care

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