Mental Health Excuse Messages (letters)


I am Peter Josh working in the post of HR assistant at ABC Organization. This is to let you know that my mental health is deteriorating day by day and I have been suggested a few days of rest. I need two weeks’ leave in this regard. I have made the admin notice about it and have emailed Mr. Henry the highlights of the upcoming event. You can contact me to ask for further queries, but I will be unable to attend the office. I apologize humbly in advance for any inconvenience it may cause. Thank you for your kind consideration.


I am extremely thankful to you for being supportive of me during my three years in the organization. It was a wonderful time I spent under your kind supervision. I am not stable mentally due to some ongoing problems. It has become difficult for me to keep a balance between my personal and work life. I need two weeks’ leave in this regard so may I return with more passion and vigor. I am in need to focus on my rejuvenation. Your support will be highly appreciable for me in this regard.


Please be informed that for the past few days, I have been noticing numerous changes in my behavior. I remain stressed all the time and it is affecting my mental health. My work efficiency is getting disturbed, and I am performing poorly. I do not want to spoil my career and therefore need a short break from my work routine. I have taken an appointment with the psychologist, and I believe after taking a few sessions I will resume my duties efficiently. I will be thankful to you for giving kind consideration to my request.


I am Stanley Richard working as manager of operations in your institute. I am writing this message to let you know that I am having mental health issue since Sunday. I am struggling with a lot nowadays and I cannot tell you the exact reason for this. The problem is very serious, and the doctor has recommended complete rest for about ten days. Otherwise, I will have to bear the severe consequences of it. After this break, I hope that my mental health will get stable. Attached with this letter is the doctor’s recommendation letter. I am apologetic for annoying you.


This message/letter has been proposed to seek your permission for seven days’ leave. I cannot perform well because of depression and poor mental health. I remain restless all day and it has made me weak mentally as well as physically. From [mention ate] to [mention date] I will not remain available to perform any official task. I want a complete break from work life during these days; therefore, I cannot answer any of your queries through email or phone. I hope to get positive feedback from you.


I hope you have been doing well. Due to crucial mental health issues, I am unable to deliberate my duties efficiently. I feel irritated at the workplace and cannot focus on anything. I consulted a doctor in this regard, and he has suggested me few days of complete rest and mental relaxation. I will not remain available from [mention date] to [mention date]. During this time, I will focus on my mental health and will involve myself in healthy activities. Due to my busy work schedule, I was not finding time for all this which resulted in severe depression. I will answer all the queries you have in this regard. Thank you for giving kind consideration to this request.


This is to bring to your notice my resignation due to bad mental health. I spent quality time there and enjoyed its great working ambiance. It was difficult for me to make up my mind about this but after getting consulted with specialists I made a final decision. It would be in my favor of me if I follow their recommendation. The burdensome working schedule was getting on my nerves, and I became unable to focus on work. I cannot execute the duties with the same eagerness and therefore writing this to ask for an immediate resignation. Thanking in anticipation.

Mental health excuse letter

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