Termination Letter for Fake Pregnancy Application

Termination letters are written to employees when it is required to inform them that they are not allowed work in the position in which they were hired previously. The termination has to be logical as it is a right of an employee not to experience wrongful termination. Furthermore, he can also take legal action. 

What is a termination letter for a fake pregnancy application?

People are terminated from their job when they do something unlawful. In a specific situation when a female employee submits a fake pregnancy application and the company also comes to know about it, it can decide to sack that employee by writing a termination letter. 

This letter clearly outlines the decision of the company to cancel the employment of the employee who came off as a mischievous person who is not honest and faithful with her job. 

How to write a termination letter for submitting a fake pregnancy application?

Here are some useful tips to be followed:

Announce your decision:

Initially, let the employee know that she is being sacked from her job because she has submitted fake documents. You should briefly explain how the submission of a fake application was revealed and what was your reaction to such an unethical act. It is very important to make the employee realize that it was not the right thing to do and no one looks up to such people with regard and respect. 

Describe the reason:

Here, you should mention the reason as the reason for termination is very important to mention to prove that the termination was not unlawful. Discuss why you believe that submission of fake documents is cheating and why it should be taken as a serious actor. Mention the last date of the employment so that the employee can know how long she can continue to work in her position. 

Give special instructions:

Giving instructions is not a mandatory part of a letter of termination because many people discuss important instructions in a personal meeting with the employee. If you have not discussed things in person or if you don’t have any plans to discuss because you are angry, you can easily choose to give special instructions in the letter such as instructions to return the assets of the company.  

Read the sample letter given below:





Subject: termination due to fake pregnancy application submitted on [DATE].

After the meeting with you which was held on 5th March 2033, I would like to confirm that your job with _______________ (mention the name of the company) is terminated with effect from 10 March 2033. 

As stated in the meeting, the reason to terminate your job as an IT assistant is as follows:

On 10 February 2033, you submitted the pregnancy application and applied for workplace accommodations and paid maternity leave. However, when you were asked to share the proof of your pregnancy, you provided us with fake documents as the medical certificate was not from a licensed practitioner. 

We believe that it is a blatant act of cheating that is immoral and unethical. We believe in being honest with each other at the workplace so that we can trust each other. However, when someone tries to be dishonest to achieve something, it shakes the trust of the company in its employees. In addition to that, it is serious misconduct on the employee’s part to submit fake documents. 

As per your employment contract with the company, you can be terminated from your position whenever you are found cheating or getting involved in anything which is deemed immoral. You were also asked to share your explanation letter which you could not. Therefore, you are being terminated from the post of IT assistant. Your last day at the job will be 15 March 2033. 

You are requested to return all the belongings of the company that you have in your possession by 14 March 2033 after which, your dues will be cleared. If you want to discuss anything with us, you are free to reach us. 


Name of the sender, 


Termination Letter for Fake Pregnancy Application

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