Home Health Care Log

It’s an age-old concept that health care begins with prevention. Rightly so, healthcare is always promoted at the preventive level, and multiple steps are taken to make people aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure.

The first step towards the prevention of diseases is adopting a healthy lifestyle, which ensures the fulfillment of all the natural requirements of a normally functioning body. Cleanliness comes first. Good hygiene protects us from hundreds of thousands of bacteria, viruses, and diseases caused by them. It also has a positive and healthy effect on personality. A healthy and balanced diet is also important for maintaining good health and preventing an equal number of health problems as hygiene and cleanliness.

Home Health Care Log

An Introduction to Home Healthcare

It is a prime right as well as the duty of every individual to make sure he is receiving basic health facilities and maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Healthcare services are provided in the health care unit, whether it is a basic health unit or a tertiary-level, large-scale hospital. However, there are certain situations in which some of the healthcare services are recommended or switched to the comfort of the home for the patient. In such situations, we call them home health care services.

Which circumstances require home health services?

Well, in most cases where home health services are required, the patient is either in chronic illness at the end stage or is bedridden for long periods. If the patient or his supporting family is okay with the home health services, only then will the hospital and doctors allow such services. So basically, not everyone is eligible to avail of home health services.

Moreover, it also comes down to affordability. Health services are already too costly and may cost a fortune if someone wants them all at home. And just begin to do the calculations for a patient who needs a constant oxygen supply, vital monitoring, and frequent doses of drug administration. So, the pros and cons are always measured before coming up with a solution.

What is a home healthcare log?

The home healthcare log is a tracker of all the healthcare services provided to patients who opt for the services at home. The home healthcare log is extremely crucial to the tracking of health and disease progress because there is no other way to tell if the patient is getting benefits from home healthcare services or not.

The home healthcare log is most commonly used for the vital recording of chronically and critically ill patients, dose administration of drugs, physiotherapy, insulin administration, and any other thing that has been suggested by the doctor.

Details of the home healthcare log are a little bit similar to the usual healthcare logs. For example, this log also contains the identification of the patient along with the diagnosis and reasons for which they are being given home healthcare services. All the columns and rows are filled according to the service provided.

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