Termination Letter for Extended Pregnancy Leave

Pregnancy leave is issued to permanent employees in the company when they are pregnant and have to stay at home due to their medical condition. States have different rules that companies are required to follow especially when it comes to issuing maternity leave to pregnant ladies. The maternity leave has a specific duration and the starting and ending dates of the pregnancy leave are also mentioned in the leave approval letter. 

Female workers are required to return to work after the maternity leave period is over. They should understand that the company has managed in their absence and now they should go back and start taking on the responsibilities that they used to fulfill. 

What is a termination letter for extended pregnancy leave?

It is a letter that an employer writes to the individual who took the pregnancy leave and now wants extended leave. When an employee does not return to the office on the day when she was committed to coming back, she will have to be answerable for not showing up. However, if the employee does not seem to come back, the company will not experience the loss and holds the right to terminate that employee from her position. 

Why is a termination letter important to write?

This letter informs the female employee that her job is being terminated because of the extended medical leave. This letter can be kept as a record and the company can use it if it is blamed for unlawful termination.

How to write a termination letter?

Here are a few steps which you can follow for the female employee who has taken extended leave. 

Announce the company’s decision of termination:

To ensure that there is no confusion for the reader in the letter, the main message should be conveyed to the reader at the very beginning of the letter. Although the letter is being written by the individual, the letter should be written in such a way that it looks like a decision of an organization. 

Specify the policy of the company regarding extended leave:

Every organization has its policies. regarding issuing pregnancy leaves to their pregnant employees.  In most cases, they can allow them to take maternity leave but cannot allow them to extend their leave as the absence of an employee for an extended period than specified causes inconvenience to an organization. So, if an organization terminates the employment of people based on their extended leave, they should specify it clearly in the letter.

Close the letter gracefully:

Your letter should be written with courtesy so that it looks professional. There is no need to express your anger or emotions of any sort when you communicate your decision of terminating the employee.  

Sample letter:

Subject: termination due to extended leave 

Dear Miss Lisa, 

This letter is being written to you concerning the maternity leave that was supposed to end on 1st March 2035. You were given maternity leave of 3 months as per the policies of the company as well as the federal government. We also sent you several emails and letters to confirm and remind you of the date on which you are committed to returning to work. You asked for two additional leaves because of sickness which the company approved. However, you were informed that the company cannot extend the leave anymore. 

Since you are not returning to work, the company has decided to terminate your due to extended pregnancy leave. As per the state and company policies, you are not eligible to get any other extension in the pregnancy leave. 

As an employee, you have received many emails from the company to remind you of the ending of the pregnancy leave. However, you never showed up. Furthermore, you are not entitled to clearance of your dues since you are being terminated for not acting upon the rules and regulations of the company. 

You can feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know more about your termination. 


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Termination Letter for Extended Pregnancy Leave

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