Recommendation Letter for Doctor

Recommendations play a big role in our lives. We like to receive a recommendation letter when we want to get admission to an institute because it is a document that validates our achievements. Similarly, professional people also require a letter of recommendation because it helps other people know that they are competent professionals in the industry and that they should be considered whenever relevant services are needed.

This type of letter is usually composed by one doctor for another. The purpose of this letter is to redirect a patient to another doctor. The senior doctor writes this letter for a person who needs promotion or any other sort of advantage.

There is no such restriction on who can write the doctor recommendation letter and who cannot. In some cases, directly from a senior physical is required. In this situation, an individual direction is sufficient. Similarly, when guidance from experts is required, the hospital organizes the board of directors and then decides to write the letter of guidance. If there is no restriction on who can write, the hospital becomes the sender of the letter of suggestion.

This letter is written:

  1. A doctor needs a recommendation in order to be able to practice in his field in some other hospital and he needs to prove that he has worked as an esteemed doctor in the prestigious hospital.
  2. A doctor needs promotion in the hospital from the junior practitioner to the senior doctor to prove that he has fulfilled all the requirements of promotion and deserves to be promoted.
  3. The doctor wants to upgrade his qualification by taking admission to medical institute and has to prove that he/she has experience of working in his field.
  4. When a doctor finds that the kind of treatment the patient visiting is beyond his practice area, he can write this letter and ask the patient to visit the directed physician.

A great letter must…

Write a short letter:

The recommendation should be short and precise. Your goal should be to make sure that you cover all those aspects of the physician that you think are important to cover.

Make a list of physician’s achievements:

If you are sure that you want your letter to assist the medical practitioner in getting a promotion or any other benefit, you must do some research to learn what the doctor has achieved during his practice.

Be truthful:

You should realize that it is a big responsibility to recommend someone for something. Medical practitioners have a very crucial job to treat people and sometimes they carry out very serious medical treatments. So, if you don’t think someone is not competent enough to be in the practice area and in the position to be recommended, you must not write this letter. When you think someone deserves this letter, make sure that you are being truthful and you don’t provide false details.


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is being written on behalf of the entire psychology department of ABC Hospital. Dr. ABC has served the ABC hospital with professionalism and diligence. During his stay in the hospital, he has demonstrated his expertise in all the required areas. He has handled everything with responsibility and I was always confident that he would manage everything in my absence.

Dr. ABC has played a big role in facilitating the hospital staff with the latest equipment. He has served the patients with the best mental illness treatment. A very successful plan has Mr. ABC has run was the internship program that helped hundreds of internees to grow in their areas. He was also instrumental in developing the curriculum for students studying psychology. 

I am so pleased to recommend him as an esteemed doctor of the psychology department. I am happy to discuss the qualifications of the subject with you if you want to know more. Please feel free to contact me at my official number of hospital or email.

Recommendation Letter for Doctor

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