Registered Nurse Resume Template

Although there are a number of resume templates available for different professionals with different qualifications from different industries. Each resume template has its own merits and demerits and different professionals prefer different resume templates. Similarly there are a lot of formats and templates that can be used by registered nurses for their position. Therefore, the selection of resume template is purely based on effectiveness that what design and template for a resume is more effective and can be taken into consideration as resume for nursing.

Registered nurse resume template is used by registered nurses to express their qualification in terms of education, experience and expertise. Registered nurse resume template generally has few main sections including professional summary or history, experience in service, relevant education, different affiliations and any other thing like community services etc. Registered nurse salary can also be an optional part of resume. A nurse resume sample should be perfect in all aspects.

Typically there are three main types of resume formats that are used for registered nursing. The first one is the chronological where the format most emphasizes on the relevant experience of registered nurses mentioned in a reverse chronological order. This type of format is considered appropriate for registered nurses having more than ten years of experience.

The second resume format is function where format is based on abilities and transferable skills of a registered nurse which she has gained through her education, real life experiences and internships. This type of format is considered appropriate for entry level nurses. And the third registered nurse resume template is known as combination or targeted format which is a blend of functional and chronological formats. The given template can be customize to use as sample nursing resume also.

Here is a preview of registered nurse resume template:

Registered nurse resume template

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