Not Fit to Travel Letter

Many such medical conditions don’t allow people to travel via plane or car. For instance, a pregnant lady in her last trimester is often asked by her doctor to not travel. In this situation, if she is a working lady, she will be required to be provided a letter written by her physician, in which the physician has stated that the subject is not physically fit for travel.

A person is issued a letter of not fit to travel letter by his/her doctor when he or she has suddenly fallen ill or going through a serious medical condition for so long. This letter is proof that the subject cannot travel. Just like a medical certificate proves that the subject is ready to fly, this letter is proof that the subject is not ready.

Some organizations require their employees to prove that they are physically stable and traveling does not harm them or trigger any kind of allergy or illness in them. When an employee cannot attend work or some other kind of activity because of illness, they will have to provide the company with a letter to prove that they are unfit.  

Sometimes the patient does not need it but since the doctor wants to ensure that he does not travel, he issues this letter to him. While traveling, a person can have many problems if he is sick. For instance, a heart patient cannot travel in a plane for a long flight because he might need urgent medical treatment without which, his life can be in danger. So, this letter is useful because it ensures that the person does not risk his life.

There are many ways in which a person who has been restricted to travel can use this letter. However, he must ensure that the letter he writes is not older than 1 year and it has been written by a prestigious hospital.

The person can submit this letter to all those places where he has to prove that he has been put a restriction from traveling and therefore, he cannot make it.

The main components of the letter are:

  1. Date of issuing the letter
  2. The name of the patient is restricted
  3. Proof that the subject is the patient of the sender
  4. Description of the medical condition of the patient
  5. Explain the reason why the patient is being restricted
  6. Make a request to excuse the patient and not force him to travel

This letter can be used by a person when:

  1. He is suffering from a disease
  2. He has recently been operated on and discharged from the hospital
  3. He is going through such kind of disease such as Corona Virus which can be spread to all other passengers
  4. The patient cannot remain away from his house for a long period of time

Below is a sample letter that might help your physician in writing a letter for you. The information regarding the content as well as the format can be obtained after reading this letter. 


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Jackson is unfit to commute at least for the next two months until April 20XX. After April, he will go through a medical examination, and then will be ascertained if he should be allowed to travel or not.

Mr. Jackson is being administered the treatment of heart for the past three years. Due to serious health complications, he has been advised to take bed rest. As per my prescription, Mr. Jackson is unfit for traveling and he should remain at home or restrict himself to travel over a short distance only.

Please allow Mr. Jackson to stay at home. Contact me if you need to obtain more information.

Not fit to travel letter

Simi Karton

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