Request Message to Doctor for Medical Certificate


Dear Dr. Kamal, I am writing this message to request you give me a medical certificate of illness. As I explained to you yesterday over the call I am suffering from food poisoning which will not allow me to attend my office today. Therefore, I need to apply for two days of paid leaves and need a medical certificate alongside your signatures, so I am not penalized by my office. I appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Dr. Tehreem, I hope this message finds you well. I am experiencing a very severe migraine again tonight and I feel like it is in my health’s best interest that I skip the office tomorrow. As my family doctor, I, therefore, am requesting you to kindly make me a medical certificate explaining my chronic migraine situation so I could apply for a leave asap. Thank you!


Dear Ross, despite taking all the medical protocols you asked me to, I am again going through a new episode of depression. I am not in the right mental condition to fulfill my official duties; therefore, I request you to produce me a medical certificate so I could apply for a leave tomorrow. Your prompt assistance will be appreciated.


Respected Dr. Faiqa, I am writing this message to request a medical certificate. I have a fever and throat soar which is causing me much weakness. I strongly feel I will not be able to execute my official duties today at my workplace. Hence, I need a medical certificate explaining my medical condition to apply for one day’s leave. I will appreciate it if you could send me before 10 pm so I can apply early tomorrow.


Dr. Jay, please accept this message as my formal request to apply for a medical certificate. Owing to the extreme weather changes, my stomach has reacted strongly. I have taken all the necessary medication but I’m still not feeling energetic enough to perform at my workplace. Therefore, I need medical proof to apply for a leave. Kindly make me a medical certificate explaining my condition so I could apply for a leave asap.


Dear Mark, I apologize for texting you in such a rush, but I need you to produce a medical certificate for me as my nose congestion is making it hard for me to breathe and hence preventing me from going to work today. I need medical evidence to apply for the leave. I’d appreciate it if you could be prompt about this.


Dear dr., I hope you remember I visited you two days ago for my upset stomach. I have been on your medication since then but it’s not improving my condition. In fact, I am now experiencing extreme pain and heartburn today. I am afraid I will not be able to go to my workplace tomorrow, but I need a medical certificate from you as evidence. I’d appreciate it if you could make me a certificate mentioning my problem and how I need rest for at least one day.

Request message to doctor for medical certificate

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