Return to School Note from Doctor


Re. James’ Return to School

Dear Sara, I am Doctor Michael from Dear Heath Clinics, Jami Nexus Road, Seattle. I work as a general physician there and handle schoolboys’ cases mostly. I received a letter from Hilton Grammar School in which I was informed that James is showing certain symptoms of an illness that can be contagious.

James was sent home on one week’s leave and I was taken as his consultant physician. By going through the previous history of James, I came to know, by complete examination and medical checkups that he has no contagious disease. He was suffering from a mild viral infection of fever and a bad throat. He was prescribed a few medicines including antibiotics for the bacterial part of the infections and others.

I examined him again on 15th November 20XX, according to which he is perfectly fine now and can get back to school with no worries and danger of spreading the contagion.

I am glad to know your grave concerns about the health of the students and the staff equally. I have enclosed a medical certificate of James in this letter which is duly signed by the senior medical superintendent of the clinic. We are available for further assistance if needed. Health is the number one priority and should never be compromised or neglected. I am available at [email] or you can also call me during my office hours on [TEXT].

Thanks for considering us.

Doctor Michael
Dear Health Clinics, Seattle.

Return to School Note from Doctor


Re. Reassuring Kent’s Perfect Health

Dear Lomé,

I am drafting this letter with reference to the provided subject, according to which Kent is completely fine to get back to the school. I was emailed by the administration of your school that Kent was sent home on indefinite leave as she started showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Kent was taken to the hospital and she was thoroughly examined. After examining her it was reported that she was not suffering from COVID-19 as details and reports have shown the virus as negative. She was suffering from a typical fever and sore throat due to sudden changes in the climate.

For this, she was already given proper medication and required medical tests were conducted to circumvent any complications. She was sent home to take proper rest so that she would not contaminate other students or staff members with the viral fever she was suffering from.

I am glad to inform you that Kent is perfectly fine now as her final reports show. Her final medical examination conducted by Mehari Labs has notified her that she can get back to the healthy routine of the school and she is not required to stay home anymore.

I am also delighted to look at the solicitude of your administration they keep for their students and I appreciate the concerns and preferences of Henry Fielding Scope High School. We are available if more services are needed. You can call our clinic at [X] from 9 AM to 8 PM or write directly to me at [email].

Thanks for relying on our services.

Doctor James Hill
Squatty Q Hospital, Seattle, USA

Return to School Note from Doctor
Return to School Note from Doctor

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